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Post of The Month

One-in-a-million is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Just a bit of fun here if you could create an advent calendar what would you put in it and why.

For me you would still get chocolate 😆😆
But inside each door is a task for the day. Something that includes you helping/talking to others, doing something festive and spreading Christmas cheer
For example

1. Tell your parents/carers you love them
2. Say hello when passing an OAP (that might be the only thing someone says to them all week)
3. Watch a Christmas movie
4. Help someone in need e.g put some spare change in a charity box, buy a warm drink for the homeless person who sits on the corner, dothe washing up ha ha ha😂
5 make hot chocolate
6. Visit your grandparents (if you donít already) They will more than likely love to see you.
7. Sing a Christmas song with a friend
8. Dress up in something Christmasy when you do your shopping.

You get the idea 😂😉 my reason for this is to get people in the mood and understand what Christmas actually means.

What would yours have and why."
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Time for another ranty thread

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  • Time for another ranty thread

    I'm definately feeling the need, and im sure plenty other people are up for a good old fashioned rant ....

    So whats been grinding your gears?

    Today i'm most unhappy cause it turns out one of my managers is a complete bitch, shes been off for most of my training, came in today and was criticising me left right and centre, treating me like a complete idiot and then ending it with "so how are you enjoying working here?"

    Also i've got a cracking sore head (that started after work strangely :/)

  • #2
    *hugs* oh man that sucks... every time you see her just think of her "accidentally" falling into a lake full of crocodiles...

    Oooohhh my rant of the day: Forgot to take a movie back to blockbusters bring on the fine...
    The headlights from passing cars
    They illuminate my face then leave me the dark
    The voice of Nirvana says, "Come as you are"
    And I will


    • #3
      Oh, mine's on the manager theme too.

      My boss is a twat. A giant, giant twat. And he thinks he can replace me behind my back BEFORE I've even left for maternity leave and that I won't notice. Tut.


      • #4
        Meh, mine's a jobhunting rant, on my part and on behalf of any TheSiters who are still stuck in the joke of a system. I'm 7 months redundant now, as a proportion of 40 years, is like 1.5% of my career now wasted.

        Most vacancies were only asking for 4 A-C GCSEs. I'm well over that, and of course that isn't enough because employers seek that key thing called "experience". No experience = no job, and no job = no experience. It made me wish that I simply quitted education after I grabbed my 9 GCSEs and went straight to work aged 16. Granted, I have a couple of disabilities which may have put off some employers, but hell, I have my degree so I am capable, even if only by a small shot. I've done the usual job applications though (118 so far), 40 covering letters/CVs posted to individual firms, enlisting on 6 agencies and 3 weeks of voluntary work. Why does it have to be so difficult? I bought my own house 4 years ago, and even that was easier than finding a job.

        Another thing - is applying for the local council. Approx 20 of my applications were council-related, which had me shortlisted to 2 interviews and I 'apparently' failed both interviews on the grounds of experience, or lack of. A local friend said that with councils, "it's not what you know but who you know". I asked isn't that illegal? She explained that the council already has someone in mind when a vacancy opens, then they go through the recruitment process to make it appear that they're conducting it in a non-unorthodox approach.

        Another rant, was the big international firm, Areva. I had an interview with them for an IT role. The interview panel consisted of the HR manager and my potential manager. They have scheduled interviews over a period of two weeks, for this 1 IT vacancy, and it was only fixed-term for 6 months. Why the hell spend two weeks worth of managers' wages, only to get someone for 6 months?

        While it was good experience to get the occasional interview, I found it demoralising when the outcome was fail after fail.

        In a dating agency, you walk into the premises, hand them your 'profile', wait 1 week, then date someone for an evening. If the outcome of the date was fail, you move onto persons 2 and 3, then maybe 4th time lucky, you will find romance. Couldn't the Jobcentre Plus take on a similar pattern? The jobcentres would work closely with firms and match-make their candidates. You would be called to interview when a suitable 'date' is matched. The interview itself would be 4 hours of voluntary work at the firm to show them what you are capable of, 4 hours being the similar timeframe to a 'date'. (doing an analogy here). It would cut down on so many man-hours on the recruiting side, and so many man-months of the candidate being a couch potato in the house.

        Grrrr. Sorry if it was TL:DR (too long don't read). I guess I could have posted this in the Work section, but this is more of a rant than anything else!


        • #5
          Dont get too discouraged, took me a year and 3 months to find a new job after i got made redundant from woolies. I know it sucks, but it is just a matter of perseverance.

          Typically, i get a job, then 2 other jobs i'd applied for called me too see if i wanted to come in for an interview


          • #6
            A colleague of mine passing all the work to me for a certain piece of work we're doing at the moment. One of those "and what will you be doing while I'm doing all of this" moments.

            Fortunately it's only a piece on syndicated loan market trading which I'm pretty awesome at. Still, it's the principle.

            Meh, roll on the weekend. The lady I'm seeing at the moment is cooking me rabbit stew on Friday and the rest of the weekend will be spent playing Just Cause 2.


            • #7
              Originally posted by AThiefAWhoreAndALiar View Post
              Typically, i get a job, then 2 other jobs i'd applied for called me too see if i wanted to come in for an interview
              That is so true, and it applies to romance too! When I had a girlfriend, other girls were also approaching me. Once broken up though, all the girls ran for the hills lol :-D


              • #8
                Seems like this is a work related rant as:

                I'm ranting about a bitch at work - I'm pretty much being work bullied.

                And the guy I'm interested in just wants to be friends - not interested in a rship with any one at the moment, damaged goods blah blah.
                I hear you're blowing like a feather, and then they rub it in your face


                • #9
                  Having a dog who when he doesn't get his own way, bites me or barks at me. Actually, he bites whenever he feels like it.


                  • #10
                    im hungover as HELL and i just want to curl up and die right now.
                    oh, and i made the extremely drunken mistake of shagging a complete prick last night and the fact that i did it just makes me want to cryy
                    i really shouldnt drink!!


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by AThiefAWhoreAndALiar View Post
                      i got made redundant from woolies
                      *High five* fellow ex-Woolies worker!

                      My rant is about uni work and it's impossibleness :'( What's the point?! grrr!
                      "The planet is fine.... the people are fucked. Compared to the people, the planet is doing great."


                      • #12
                        I've got too much work and im never going to be able to finish it all on time
                        and if anyone else were to kiss me all they would taste is your name


                        • #13
                          My rant is that its an amazing sunny afternoon/evening, and I have absolutely no plans whatsoever

                          I wanna be outside right now BBQing and drinking with good friends, that would be ideal!
                          Love Is Not Love That Alters When It Alteration Finds


                          • #14
                            I'm with you there Lexi... gorgeous afternoon but totally skint etc.


                            • #15
                              The girl of interest is probably not interested in me. But that's becoming a habit so I think I can handle it. If you understand that no love interest is worth the hassle of being angry, depressed and sad because it's not working out you'll just let it be without looking for the errors in you.


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