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"my recent post and a comment from another user has made me realise that self care is so important.

I wanted to start a thread in the Health and Wellbeing section of the boards about self care.

Self care is provided by you, for you

I know a lot of us are struggling at the moment with different aspects of our own lives, and sometimes we get so lost in these we forget to take time for ourselves. This tread is, a Reminder to you to take time out for yourself during the difficult times.

down in the comments I would really love for people to share ideas and tips about self- care. to remind ourselves and others in the community.

My way of self care when i recognise ( or someone recognises i have neglected myself) is:

Take a walk and admire whats around me ( take as long as needed)
treat myself to a bath with a bathbomb and bubbles ( bubbles are important)
make a hot drink and just sit down with a film.

Please feel free to share your ideas!

The Mix have a guide to self-care which you can find here."
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Things to do with old people

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  • Things to do with old people

    I start my work placement today, I'm working at the old people's home that I do weekend work for.I've been told that me and the other girl from my class are to entertain the residents. Thing is I've got no idea what to do, I've got a couple of things in mind but not enough to fill two weeks.

    I want to take a some of them shopping, I'm going to get them dancing, and I might rent an old film for them but I would have to bring in my video player which may cause problems...

    and thats all Ive got so far...

    Can anyone give me some ideas please.
    Thank you

  • #2
    Umm... A game of cards maybe? My grandma loves playing...
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    • #3
      I'm sure you'll have the ideas when you see them...

      But listen to them... they like to talk about their past ask questions... ask for advices, even if you don't need them! they realy like to talk

      Good work!
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      • #4
        Ok I probably should have said this before, they all have dementia, and most are quite far gone. So cards wont be a good idea cos every 2 seconds I will have to explain what we are doing again lol.
        I know this is going to sound weird, but they dont really like to talk either, I tried that when I first started working there.

        Thank you so far and keep em coming.


        • #5
          Are they too gone for Bingo?
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          • #6
            take them for a leisurely stroll. if you have a park nearby, go feed ducks and let them talk at you.

            just don't lose them


            • #7
              youre gonna have a problem then, if theyve got dementia, then shopping or going out for walks with more than one at a time, is likely to be hazardous. I think old movies or just talking to them is probably your best bet. I think shopping with someone with dementia wouldnt be any fun at all, and they might even find it quite distressing. Maybe there are websites for carers of people with dementia, that might have more insight and better ideas?


              • #8
                found this on a website

                Activity list

                Ideas for exercise/relaxing:

                Sorting/tidying/folding laundry
                Watering plants
                Dancing or stationary exercise program

                Household activities

                Preparing certain foods e.g. salad; peeling/cutting vegetables; baking/mixing
                Dusting, vacuuming, polishing
                Drying dishes

                Psycho/social activities

                Listening to/singing familiar songs
                Reminiscing/looking at a photo album
                Visiting with children/pets
                Volunteer work e.g. stuffing envelopes
                Having afternoon tea
                Doing a puzzle (look for large format)
                Building something with Lego

                dunno if that helps but it was the best i could find

                edited to add im sure singing songs say from the war would be fun for them. you could probably get a tape from the library or buy one somewere really cheap
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                "if we knew the outcome it wouldnt be called reaserch!." -Albert Einstein


                • #9
                  Hire some lap dancers or something!!! (Male and Female to be fair)


                  • #10
                    Marbles on a motorway.

                    (I don't like old people)
                    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.


                    • #11
                      Well I'm back from work now and well they really didnt want to do anything.
                      I tried doing puzzles, stiching, dancing (simple type stuff) and they were all like "no no we cant do any of that, we are all to old, we'll just sit here and stair at the wall....*stairs at wall*" Their not usually like that, at the weekend they are full of beans and always running about bugging me when i'm trying to cook.


                      • #12
                        seriously try singing, all old people like singing
                        Happiness is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it,
                        but only you can feel the true warmth :D

                        will you be the pee in my pants?
                        "if we knew the outcome it wouldnt be called reaserch!." -Albert Einstein


                        • #13
                          I think if I sung to them we would have to call the nurse cos all their ear drums will have burst


                          • #14
                            After going shopping to ASDA and having one of the senile old hags putting all her old fogey crap on the conveyorbelt before I'd half finshed unpacking my trolley, I would suggest using them as speed humps in residential areas.

                            And then tell me where so I can go along and slow down a bit


                            • #15
                              i didnt mean that i met get a tape of songs that they will know eg

                              list of somgs
                              and encorage them to sing along

                              Im sure everyone would know the words to somthing like waltsing matilda, we'l meet again, my old man (i worked in a living history museam for to long lol) or well known hymns that everyone knows the tune to
                              Happiness is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it,
                              but only you can feel the true warmth :D

                              will you be the pee in my pants?
                              "if we knew the outcome it wouldnt be called reaserch!." -Albert Einstein


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