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Christmas Quiz Wed 7-8pm

On Wednesday 13th December from 7-8pm we'll be hosting a Christmas Quiz live in The Mix chat room with loads of great prizes

More info about the quiz and the prizes up for grabs here.

We're looking for people to write and host rounds. If you're interested, make sure to send us a PM or comment on the thread linked above.
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Post of The Month

Esme17 is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Hey. Hope you are doing okay?

I completely understand what you mean about feeling low mainly at night. like you said, It is probably because you have nothing else you need to be doing then and so have more time to think. Is there anything you could do that makes you feel slightly happier during this time (watch a film, read etc..)?

Do you know what is making you feel this way? I know you mentioned losing your nan which must have been really hard for you and Iím very sorry to hear that!

Iím not too sure what would be best for you to do in the situation but i would say it would be best to speak to someone like your gp because they could tell you for sure if it does need looking into more and even if it didnít, it would put your mind at rest a bit? I know how hard it can be seeing someone though so just make sure you do what feels right for you.

Remember you can also always come to the board to get support and to chats as well.

Let us know how things go? Iím sorry if this didnít help at all, I think I rambled a bit but I tried...

Esme x"
(Click for full post )
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Support Circles on Sundays

We're going to be running support circles once a month on a Sunday! At the moment they run on Tuesdays, but for one of those Tuesdays, each month they will be running on a Sunday instead.

This next Sunday support circle will be on the 17th of December. If you'd like to come along, feel free to sign-up closer to the time (when we post the thread for it).
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Emojis: Do you know what they mean?

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  • Emojis: Do you know what they mean?

    Hey everyone,

    I came across an interesting piece of research looking into how people interpret emoji. They found that because emoji tend to look different on different devices/platforms (like in the picture above), there's a lot of room for mis-communication: you might want to express one emotion, but whoever you're talking to understands something totally different!

    Here's an example they give using the 'grin' emoji, and how positively or negatively people interpret it:

    Even more interestingly, they also found that a lot of people interpret the same emoji in different ways (especially that Apple grin)

    You can read the full summary here.

    Have you ever experienced this, where you've used an emoji and someone's taken it to mean something different to what you meant?
    Are there other ways to express how we're feeling?

    - James
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    It is really incredible at how different one emoji is on different types of devices. I tend to use emoji's but i use GIF's more to express how i am feeling.
    Just someone changing to who they really are. Jessica, now Jacob, been a big step but im sure it will be an exciting journey.


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      im sorry but the microsoft grin is actually terrifying.


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        There's this emoji, I always used to think it was someone with their hands praying, and I realised recently it's actually meant to be people high-fiving 😂😂 idk whether that looks different on different platforms lol
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          Originally posted by Aidan View Post
          There's this emoji, I always used to think it was someone with their hands praying, and I realised recently it's actually meant to be people high-fiving 😂😂 idk whether that looks different on different platforms lol
          Oh wow!!! I never even thought of it like that😂😂
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            Luckily everyone in my circle sees apple emojis which is what 99% of anything aside from the above array of services uses (eg discord) ahaha.

            I think it's funny how even aside emojis can be interpreted differently. For example:
            : ) and c:
            two smiley faces but they "feel" different.

            my personal bane of existance is this face:

            From what i understand "x3" is a combo of ":3" and "xD" so its like a super happy smile i guess? but i always see "x3" as mega passive aggressive lmao (this specific one is the bane of my existance because an old friend used to use it all the time, and no matter if knew they had good intentions i just could not shake the aggressive vibe it gave me LOL)

            I think that over time you sync the meaning of emojis around your frieng group/other groups-
            Like for example this one: (the thinking emoji)
            As i'm going off the apple version of this which looks like it's very suspicious, the thinking emoji to me always conveys a sarcastic "HMMMMM" like you're pointing out something obvious, which i got from like two big chat groups who used the thinking emoji like that constantly because i always talked in those groups. It's funny when i talk to people who didn't pick up that meaning and they use it in a different way and i just take 2 secs like "oh yeah its actually used to convey non sarcastic things with these people" haha.
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