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"my recent post and a comment from another user has made me realise that self care is so important.

I wanted to start a thread in the Health and Wellbeing section of the boards about self care.

Self care is provided by you, for you

I know a lot of us are struggling at the moment with different aspects of our own lives, and sometimes we get so lost in these we forget to take time for ourselves. This tread is, a Reminder to you to take time out for yourself during the difficult times.

down in the comments I would really love for people to share ideas and tips about self- care. to remind ourselves and others in the community.

My way of self care when i recognise ( or someone recognises i have neglected myself) is:

Take a walk and admire whats around me ( take as long as needed)
treat myself to a bath with a bathbomb and bubbles ( bubbles are important)
make a hot drink and just sit down with a film.

Please feel free to share your ideas!

The Mix have a guide to self-care which you can find here."
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Can you be a Christian without going church

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  • Can you be a Christian without going church

    I do believe in god and his teachings although I don't read the bible or go to church. So I was wondering what you guys think. Can you be a Christian if you don't read the bible or go to church?

    My mum never had me christened as a baby because she wanted me to be able to choose what I believed in when I was older.

    My nan was a Christian but she didn't attend an actual church (building) It was a group at her pastors house, so it was a church group but they did everything you would do at church so it was the same thing.

    I don't talk about my beliefs a lot a part from saying "I do believe in god and heaven and jesus"

    But can you still be a Christian if you don't go to church, pray a lot?

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    Yeahh, you can be a Christian as long as you have prayed for God to save you I know a lot of Christians that don't go to church, some go to get baptized and thats it
    'My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse.' - Kate Le Page


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      I don't think you need to do anything in particular to be part of any faith - I think it's your beliefs that make you part of a religion, you don't need to prove anything
      Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend


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        Religion is personal and you shouldn't feel that you need to do certain things like going to church to be a part of that faith group. Your beliefs are your own and like Lucy307 said you don't need to prove anything to anyone. However if you feel that you want to be part of a group with like minded individuals you could see if your local church runs activity groups in the community or has volunteering roles available for example at a Food Bank to help people in crisis.

        I personally don't identify with any religion but instead my actions and morals are influenced by the teachings from lots of different faiths. I believe your faith is evident through your actions in terms of helping others, respecting the planet and animals and spreading positive messages. What does being a Christian mean to you?

        ​- Sunny

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          Traditionally, a 'church' is a collective of people, not a building. Back in the days of when Christians were persecuted by the Romans they'd do all their praying etc inside and that evolved in to a church being though tof as a building.

          Being a Christian is about a relationship between Jesus and yourself. If you enjoy the fellowship of others they by all means go along to a church. But there is no set requirement for you to attend.


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            Really good replies guys! Sharing opinions in a respectful way Keep it up!

            Have a great day



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              I personally don't identify with a religion either, but my mother is a Christian and only attended church up until the age of 16, then stopped going. Not because her beliefs had changed, but for other reasons.

              So, I don't think you have to go to church to be a Christian.
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