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Expert chat: Enthusiastic Consent & Conditional Consent (Wed 21st February)

Hey everyone!

On Wednesday 21st Feb at 6.30pm, Sarah our expert, will be running an expert chat about Enthusiastic Consent and Conditional Consent.

Sarah is the co-founder of Scarlet Ladies, a community of women with the aim to destigmatise and normalise the conversation around female sexuality.

Suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after experiencing a number of traumas, including rape, Sarah is reclaiming her body by engaging in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Taking back control of her sexuality, she is currently remaining abstinent. Working and campaigning with other women for the sexual empowerment of women has been an integral part of her healing journey.

Come along and join us! Find out more here
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Vanilla features: have your say

As we move to our new boards software, Vanilla, we'll have a few new features at our disposal. We're keen to hear what you all think about them, so head here to have your say over how we'll use (or not use) some of the new features. Fill out the form before Wednesday the 21st to tell us your thoughts and have the option of joining our testing team!
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The Great Boards Migration

Great news! We're moving to new discussion boards software. Head here for the full announcement.
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Post of The Month

One-in-a-million is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Just a bit of fun here if you could create an advent calendar what would you put in it and why.

For me you would still get chocolate 😆😆
But inside each door is a task for the day. Something that includes you helping/talking to others, doing something festive and spreading Christmas cheer
For example

1. Tell your parents/carers you love them
2. Say hello when passing an OAP (that might be the only thing someone says to them all week)
3. Watch a Christmas movie
4. Help someone in need e.g put some spare change in a charity box, buy a warm drink for the homeless person who sits on the corner, dothe washing up ha ha ha😂
5 make hot chocolate
6. Visit your grandparents (if you donít already) They will more than likely love to see you.
7. Sing a Christmas song with a friend
8. Dress up in something Christmasy when you do your shopping.

You get the idea 😂😉 my reason for this is to get people in the mood and understand what Christmas actually means.

What would yours have and why."
(Click for full post )
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What if it was my fault??

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  • What if it was my fault??

    Right now I'm feeling terrible. I was diagnosed with epilepsy as a baby but was cleared by the age of 5. Doctors gave warning that it was a 50% chance it could return later in life. It has as I was diagnosed with epilepsy again last April.

    But I am also an asthmatic. When I was younger probably about 8 years old. I accidentally took a much bigger dosage of my asmah inhaler ( Beclometasone)
    It mad me feel weird but in a good way.
    I started doing it more and more offen until my mum found out. As you can imaginen she was shocked and angry. I stopped doing it but ot was a while before I realised how dangerous it was. I'm quite ashamed of it to be honest. But it's got me thinking. Drug abuse can cause epilepsy. What if I caused my epilepsy?

    It's still on my prescription but I don't use it as I don't like taking it, not because if what happened but just because I don't like it and taking it.

    I don't want to drag this up with anyone in the family and if I tell my doctor I could be in a lot of trouble and from what I've heard and read they can refuse me some of the help i am entitled to.

    What do I do now
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    I don't suppose you have any of the leaflet things that come with your inhalers, do you? They often explain common and uncommon side effects. Personally, I don't think taking large amounts of beclomethasone could cause your epilepsy to start up again. Do you remember any side effects at the time, perhaps feeling dizzy and nauseous? I'm not a doctor, but that's probably what may happen, but in terms of long term, I don't think it's linked with epilepsy (although you are right that taking large amounts can be dangerous and drug abuse can often cause seizures and epilepsy).

    ​Regardless of the asthma side of things, it was a 50% chance your epilepsy would return later on in life and perhaps it was just that chance that made it return, as opposed to anything you did. From what I've read, it's very common for epilepsy in childhood to return in adulthood, so I doubt it's your fault at all.

    ​If you want to bring it up with your doctor, I don't think it would be so bad. You were 8 at the time, and I remember not taking my inhalers properly when I was that age too. You were young and didn't know the dangers, whereas now you are older and more aware. You won't get in trouble for that. You could generally ask your doctor whether the beclomethasone could've increased your risk of the epilepsy returning, without mentioning what happened, if you prefer.

    Take care


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      Hi sorry I never replied I've spoken about it although not to my doctor and it's very unlikely the reason for my epilepsy. Thank you for taking the time to listen X


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