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"Hi there,

Welcome to the boards. Hope you gind it more helpful.

Its hard to find support, sorry that no one will take you to see your gp/doctor i am not sure if this is the same for you but you are aload to book doctors appointments without your parents being there and you can attend them unacccompanied.

Depression and other illness can be quite scary especially when your quite young. Do have a look round the site there are lots of useful articles and information on here.

You are not alone.

Sunday to thursday we have support chats and general chats on at 8pm till 9:30pm if you would like to join them. They are a great way to get to know people and seak support at the same time. Heres the link to the page -

Hope to see you round

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The 'I need a hug' thread - please read first post before posting :)

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  • Aww

    Hugs to everyone!

    You're all doing so brilliant guys, dont give in

    Tough times never last, but tough people do


    • I've been in the worst mood from the moment I woke up I've smashed my phone into pieces. I could smash my face into glass right now. I've been a vile person to be around today. I've been snappy and angry and emotional and binging relentlessly. I feel tired and I don't know whether to leave the house now. I don't care what happens to me I need to self harm but not whilst they are here.I had to leave before because I would have just gone mad and hit my head repeatedly against the wall or trash my room.I tried calling TRC but they don't do over the phone so I'm sat here eating yet again. I can't concentrate nothing is going in. I just have to admit that I'm gaining when I don't want to and I'm a failure for it. I want to crawl out my skin and pull out my hair. if I give in, i know I'll be in trouble when M returns. I wan't punch holes in the wall and pull my hair out I'm so upset.Everything is so over whelming.
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      • why is everything so fucking shit.


        • ----trigger warning----
          I hate myself and i hate my life. I've failed my college corse and i will fail at life. I am getting no where and nothing is going to ever make me happy. I dont want to live. I dont feel like i have any meaning or purpose and feel very disconnected from the world. I have no friends and feel isolated. and i cant ignore these thoughts telling me :
          Youre not good enough
          You're not thin enough
          Take laxatives
          Make yourself throw up
          Everyone hates you
          No one cares
          You're fat
          Harm you're self
          Don't deserve to eat
          You're disgusting
          You're a failure
          You're a fuck up
          Take drugs
          You will be happy if you weighed less

          I cant stop these thoughts although they are my brain saying it, I dont feel like it what i am thinking even though it's in my head and i am controlling it. I just want it to stop. Because half of it I know doesn't make sense.but i can't help think it.

          I'm so done with just trying to get through a day without killing myself and finding a way to cope wuth these thoughts. It's not a life or what i want. I want a life. I cant take it anymore. I am exhausted
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          "Recovery is my best revenge" - Carolyn Spring "Let your past make you better not bitter" - Unknown


          • Just got shouted at by someone working for the crisis line lol

            OKAY Sandra, calm down.


            • It took all my energy i had to get out of bed today. I managed to go out for just like 30 minutes for two people to tell me to "smile" and "cheer up mate" one in an horrible way. like oh soz m8 i forgot to chnage my face before i left. Ill stay indoors next time .
              "Recovery is my best revenge" - Carolyn Spring "Let your past make you better not bitter" - Unknown


              • Aww, hugs everyone! *
                "Truely independent person who doesn't do quotes, just dates".. (29.04.17)


                • My family always wants to play happy families. But never works out cause im never keen on playing that fake shit and pretening like nothing happened.
                  But im so fed up with the negative vibes and horrible atmoshere and arguemnets makes me wanna smash ma head.
                  "Recovery is my best revenge" - Carolyn Spring "Let your past make you better not bitter" - Unknown


                  • Something just set me off.

                    I've just come out of a storm and I'm not about to enter a new one.
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                    • So anxious and nervous its making me feel really sick. Feel like my whole body is shaking but isnt - just my hands. And i cant breath .-.
                      "Recovery is my best revenge" - Carolyn Spring "Let your past make you better not bitter" - Unknown


                      • Take care everyone - you've got this.

                        Here's some cuteness to brighten your day. KITTEN MONTAGE.

                        "I've got a holster, but I keep biscuits in it." - Scroobius Pip


                        • Im feeling so shit tonight. I cant cope. I am shaking soo much and breathing soo fast and feel so low. I feel like crying but cant and just feel soo fed up with life
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                          "Recovery is my best revenge" - Carolyn Spring "Let your past make you better not bitter" - Unknown


                          • Hey Shaunie. I'm really sorry to hear how you're feeling. Things sound so tough right now, we hope you're ok. We've just edited out some of your post to keep things safe on the boards. You mentioned that you feel fed up with life, do you want to tell us a bit more about what's going on?

                            If you ever feel things are getting overwhelming or you feel you might act on these suicidal thoughts you're experiencing, there's some great organisations set up for crisis support that you can reach out to. I've listed a few below.

                            Samaritans - offer a safe place for you to talk anytime you like about anything you're going through. You can call them on 116 123 or email them on

                            Papyrus - offer non-judgemental support, advice and information to young people under the age of 25. You can email them at, text them on 07786 209 697 or call them at 0800 068 4141. They are open Mon-Fri 10am-10pm and 2-10pm on weekends.

                            Do you feel you can reach to one of these places if you need to?

                            All the best,

                            - Aife


                            • Tw.
                              went to get something removed and stitches from the nurse, and she said ' since its self inflicted again, I won't give you any lidocaine' and I dunno it just hurts, why is mental health treated so differently? Was almost in tears with the pain, I can handle physical pain, but not when it's caused by others. It doesn't makes sense but yeahh... Has anyone else had the same said to them?
                              'My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse.' - Kate Le Page


                              • So much is changing... Sigh


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