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"Hi there,

Welcome to the boards. Hope you gind it more helpful.

Its hard to find support, sorry that no one will take you to see your gp/doctor i am not sure if this is the same for you but you are aload to book doctors appointments without your parents being there and you can attend them unacccompanied.

Depression and other illness can be quite scary especially when your quite young. Do have a look round the site there are lots of useful articles and information on here.

You are not alone.

Sunday to thursday we have support chats and general chats on at 8pm till 9:30pm if you would like to join them. They are a great way to get to know people and seak support at the same time. Heres the link to the page -

Hope to see you round

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The 'I need a hug' thread - please read first post before posting :)

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  • Kitties!

    I hope to visit Brighton to see all the different cats they have there.

    At my current place of residency we quite a few cats, I've seen a bengal cat , a siamese cat and the lion cat that's actually a long haired tabbby. I've been trying to get this cat to like me for years but nope, nothing. WHY WONT YOU LET ME PET YOU KITTY?

    We need a thread for the kitties of the neighborhood Mike
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    • Originally posted by Salix alba View Post
      Yes. That's me all the time when a cat ignores me. But you just have to ignore them back and then they will be all over you when you do it for long enough.

      I just need a hug, including a kitty hug.


      • Salix alba - Yaaas! I approve this idea.

        It's sad when they just scowl at you like some lesser creature. There are a couple on my street who always run over to me, just because I fed them for a week when my neighbour was away (and also spent way too much time at her house just lying on the floor with them (#perks)). I think I'm their new mother.

        Cat hugs are the best hugs.

        "I've got a holster, but I keep biscuits in it." - Scroobius Pip


        • Cant we have a doggie one too 🙁
          I dont want a signature.


          • Originally posted by Lostsense View Post
            Cant we have a doggie one too 🙁
            i agree


            • Originally posted by Mike View Post

              Cat hugs are the best hugs.


              Originally posted by Lostsense View Post
              Cant we have a doggie one too 🙁
              Yes, you can


              • I've been driven over the edge, I won't be back, I'm sorry guys
                'My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse.' - Kate Le Page


                • My life is so crap apparently. 👌👌Nice that other people decided to tell me


                  • .
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                    • i just want to kill myself or run away and get on a plane or a boat i don't even care anymore i cant stay here I'm depressed and i deserve to die but i don't even have a reason for it. I'm trying to stop self harm but its so tempting and life sucks anyway
                      Last edited by The Mix; 10-09-2017, 08:24 AM. Reason: triggering content removed


                      • Used unhealthy coping mechanisms again.. had over a gram off beak and honestly it's helped but at the same tim now. My mate is leAving and I just can't anymore
                        'My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse.' - Kate Le Page


                        • Dreading today, one of my friends is moving back to England and I just hate goodbyes
                          'My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse.' - Kate Le Page


                          • It's world suicide prevention day, and Sophie and pip have been in my mind all day,I miss them so Fucking much. When will professionals start taking this seriously.
                            'My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse.' - Kate Le Page


                            • TW
                              I just keep repeating in my head "I want to die"
                              I wish i didnt have a suirvival instinct. I thought maybe im still alive because my family care about me, and things can get better but no its just Im pathetic in my methods and actually a coward and have a suivval instinct.
                              Im just waiting for a massive trigger that enough to make me kill myself. I cant wait to fucking die and end this. Dont want to live anymore. Im just so scared of dying and the act. I just dont want it to hurt anymore. Want a painless death.
                              No one cares about me. I want attention and someone to say they care but no one actually gives a fuck and wish they did so i have atleast a reason not to kill myself.
                              Last edited by Shaunie; 14-09-2017, 12:46 PM.
                              "Recovery is my best revenge" - Carolyn Spring "Let your past make you better not bitter" - Unknown


                              • Oh Shaunie, so sorry to hear you're feeling like this.

                                It sounds like everything feels completely overwhelming for you and that you've kind of decided there's only one way out. You said that no-one seems to care, which must feel really lonely - we are here for you and would love to talk about everything that's going on for you right now
                                Well done for posting in your Family stress thread - it looks like it could be the start of a useful conversation?

                                We'll reach out via PM to check in on you too

                                Take care and speak soon
                                Critics build nothing.


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