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Support Circles on Sundays

Hey everyone,

We're going to be running support circles once a month on a Sunday! At the moment they run on Tuesdays, but for one of those Tuesdays, each month they will be running on a Sunday instead.

This next Sunday support circle will be on 26 November. If you'd like to come along, (sign up by completing the form here )
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Chatwee Update

Update - There's been some technical difficulties launching Chatwee onto our website so we will not be moving to Chatwee on Thursday.

As soon as we fix this issue, we'll announce another date for launching. We're really sorry for the delay in Chatwee, thanks so much for your patience.
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Post of The Month (September)

Maisy is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Hey Shaunie,

​I care. I really relate to what you have been experiencing with the house falling apart, and things not getting fixed due to general shame of the state of the house and not knowing where to begin fixing things or who to contact (you don't want to come across rogue tradesmen). Not even having adequate heating and hot water. And clutter. Everywhere. It's horrible to live in such circumstances, I know. It's hard as well when you see everyone else living a 'normal' life and yet being unable to talk about your situation."
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Lack Of Sleep

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  • Lack Of Sleep

    Hello guys

    Just looking for some advice really. I have always had problems with not sleeping and the doctors wont do anything because it's not consistent, and plus I don't really want sleeping tablets.

    I have tried quite a lot in the past, getting myself into a better routine at night, bath and chill out etc. I even have kalms but they don't do much.

    Because I work in childcare my job means I am always on the go, and when I have only had 3 or 4 hours sleep, and I am going into work and working a 9 hour day, it gets a bit to much. It is manageable but hard work, and its making my job a lot harder than it is.

    Just looking for some tips and advice if any of you have trouble sleeping, if you have found anything that helps.

    Thank you for reading

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    Having the same problem, got the same advice from my doctor. They did a blood test and I'm all healthy. Doctor has told me to stop having caffeine but it's going to be boring never having coffee!! It's not like I chug the stuff. Basically they don't know why I'm tired but want me to wait three months to see if it's serious before taking it further.
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      Hello ShyBoy, Thank you so much for commenting

      Yeah I started to cut down on caffiene but to be honest I really haven't noticed any changes with my sleep. :/ I feel quite frustrated because I just want to be able to sleep.

      I may go and buy some nytol today, see how they help, if they help me. I just feel like I can't cope with this anymore it's not fair on the children or staff I am working with and I don't want my job to be affected.

      My sleep pattern is totally messed up, I sleep really late at night like 12am, and then wake up a few times, and then I usually have to be up at 6am most days for nursery.

      I mean I am used to it now but it doesn't make it easier.


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        Absolutely, the doctor said something to me about wellness or wellbeing or something but I wasn't paying attention .

        Also suggested I look into 'active' relaxation whatever that is...
        Be happy, accept those you care for, and live your life in a manner true to yourself, those you care for, and the values you hold dear to your heart.
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          Ive just brought some nytol!
          So hopefully sleep tonight.

          Active relaxion sounds interesting..


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            Don't reject sleeping tablets out-of-hand. I use them maybe once every two years when I really haven't slept for a while. A few days' worth is often enough to get back to normal. But it's not enough to become dependent on them. If you use them carefully, they do help.

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              Today I woke up at 5am. Goooo me. This was after less / very little coffee and tea yesterday.

              I'll look into active relaxation to see what I can find. Surely this is the doctor's job though

              Also have had sleeping tablets in past, they work but a) arent as good as normal sleep b) can only be used for short periods. They are more of a crisis thing rather than for dealing with ongoing sleep problems.
              Be happy, accept those you care for, and live your life in a manner true to yourself, those you care for, and the values you hold dear to your heart.
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                Did it work?
                Have you tried night nurse?
                What about playing relaxing music before bed? Ever tried that before?
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                  wow thank you for the replies.
                  picc- I took the nytol, slept a lot better but felt quite rough, when i woke up this morning and also last night, when was falling asleep. not sure that's normal.

                  thank you shyboy. i could also have a look see if i find anything.

                  reena: yeah the tablets worked to get me to sleep, but felt really poorly on them.
                  yeah tried the music, tried loads. nothing seems to help


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                    A bit of something called sleep hygiene might help. You can look some help things up. But one of the suggestions I like is keeping your bed for two things. Sleep and sex. No laptop, no reading, no music. That way, when you lie down, unless you're aroused your body knows it's time to sleep.

                    I'm not that disciplined, but I am really fucking good at sleeping.
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                      As Fiend says sleep hygiene is important particularly if you have trouble falling asleep. Thankfully this isnt a problem for me, I just suffer from wakefulness and unless there is an obvious cause its one of those things medical science can only do so much about. The common cause is stress which is why, even though I do have a wind down in the evening with music / tv / cuddles, my doctor has suggested trying to relax even more.

                      The problem is no matter how relaxed I am, I can have a bad dream and wake up at 3am. But its about going through all the factors and ruling them out. So here's some questions for you Claire:

                      Have you tried setting a bed time and sticking to it? Sleep routine is really important and will help your body and mind naturally feel sleepy at the same time every night.

                      Do you eat at the same time every day? Eating sporadically or late at night can mess up your natural rythms and cause your body to feel more alert later in the evening when you should be starting to wind down.

                      Are you eating healthy balanced meals? I'm not talking about salads and greens every day, but just balancing out what you eat. A lot of problems with health in general can be tied back to diet - we are what we eat, so its an important area to look at.

                      Do you have a sleep routine? Or wind-down hour? Where you just start to let your mind shut down, watching shit on TV or listening to the radio.

                      Do you do any exercise through the week? Exercise is great for burning up adrenaline that can naturally accumulate through the stresses of every day, as well as being all-round healthy and after a good workout you may find sleeping easier. You dont have to go all out, a fast walk or jog / walk alternating for 25 minutes 4 times a week makes a big difference (or every day if possible :D).

                      Sexercise This may be a bit controversial but sex and/or masturbation are actually great tools for managing stress (as well as being great fun) and can help you have a much better sleep . Just something to think about! :D
                      Be happy, accept those you care for, and live your life in a manner true to yourself, those you care for, and the values you hold dear to your heart.
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                        I work often work 12 to 15 hour days and find it difficult too switch off and relax when I get home, especially if i've been driving for hours. What always sorts me out and enables me to sleep 45 minutes of exercise. A run or a bike ride really helps.
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                          I don't have a problem falling to sleep. I just can't stay asleep.

                          ShyBoy and Fiend- Your replies have given me something to think about.

                          I am just kind of giving up at the minute :/


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                            Same Claire - it may well be worth going back to the doctors and tell them you are having chronic problems sleeping. They should take you seriously. Problem for me was when all the tests came back clear they don't know what else to do except say try to relax...
                            Be happy, accept those you care for, and live your life in a manner true to yourself, those you care for, and the values you hold dear to your heart.
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                              Originally posted by ClaireStephanie View Post
                              I don't have a problem falling to sleep. I just can't stay asleep.
                              One of the problems with insomnia like this (I get it too - in phases generally but I can never sleep through a whole night without waking up at least twice) is that it can be a self fulfilling prophecy. If you think you're going to have a bad night then you probably will. I know it's hard but try not to think that.

                              That's kind of the way I use sleeping tablets. They don't make me feel more rested but they do break the cycle. As long as you don't then rely on them to sleep and just use it as a "I slept ok last night so tonight might be alright" thing it might help.

                              That said, I would love to work out why I sleep so badly in the first place. Eugh.
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