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"my recent post and a comment from another user has made me realise that self care is so important.

I wanted to start a thread in the Health and Wellbeing section of the boards about self care.

Self care is provided by you, for you

I know a lot of us are struggling at the moment with different aspects of our own lives, and sometimes we get so lost in these we forget to take time for ourselves. This tread is, a Reminder to you to take time out for yourself during the difficult times.

down in the comments I would really love for people to share ideas and tips about self- care. to remind ourselves and others in the community.

My way of self care when i recognise ( or someone recognises i have neglected myself) is:

Take a walk and admire whats around me ( take as long as needed)
treat myself to a bath with a bathbomb and bubbles ( bubbles are important)
make a hot drink and just sit down with a film.

Please feel free to share your ideas!

The Mix have a guide to self-care which you can find here."
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anorexia Recovery when people ask how they can help

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  • anorexia Recovery when people ask how they can help

    im currently in recovery for anorexia nervosa but i currently in the middle of a relapse , due to past experiences i don't have counseling but i do have a care manager .
    They always ask me what they can do to help but i have no idea what they can do to help ? I just don't know what to do

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    What do you think would help you most?

    Or, are there any things they could stop doing? If so, you could turn it around in to a positive thing that stopping doing would be instead?
    I am Kate in chat


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      Hi Ruthch! Welcome to TheMix. I've moved this thread to the Health and Wellbeing area as I think more users will see it there and hopefully give you some support.

      In the meantime, we have an article on Anorexia here which has a small section on getting help, plus there is a true user story about How I overcame anorexia which I hope might give you some confidence to overcome this.

      Do keep talking to us as much as you need.


      • #4
        plugitin ive thought about it and i think if they could help me change the way i think about htings e.g. food , calories and body image that would help me . i just hate meetings as it which makes it hard for me to speak up


        • #5
          What kind of meetings are they? Perhaps you could meet before to talk about what the meeting is about and maybe ask whoever is going with you if they can make points on your behalf if you don't feel able to yourself?

          Have you been getting any therapy at all?
          I am Kate in chat


          • #6
            it was a meeting with my dad . care manager and therapsit just to see how we were sll doing and that , i wasnt ale to talk before the meeting but that was ok .
            no i get no therapy at all


            • #7
              Hey Ruthch,

              Firstly I want to say that you've been incredibly brave with posting here. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling at the moment though.

              You mention that you have been in recovery, but have relapsed. What kinds of things were you doing before, or support were you getting to help you recover?

              I wonder if you've had a chance to take a look at the links that Cat posted How would you feel about reaching out to somewhere like B-eat? You may find something here which could help, especially if you're quite nervous about talking in person.

              Keep posting if it helps
              - ‘One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day’


              • #8
                i was inpateint for 3 months when i got out and before i relapsed the got zero help i only saw my care manager for an hour every 2 to 3 weeks and thats was all x


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