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Christmas Quiz Wed 7-8pm

On Wednesday 13th December from 7-8pm we'll be hosting a Christmas Quiz live in The Mix chat room with loads of great prizes

More info about the quiz and the prizes up for grabs here.

We're looking for people to write and host rounds. If you're interested, make sure to send us a PM or comment on the thread linked above.
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Post of The Month

Esme17 is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Hey. Hope you are doing okay?

I completely understand what you mean about feeling low mainly at night. like you said, It is probably because you have nothing else you need to be doing then and so have more time to think. Is there anything you could do that makes you feel slightly happier during this time (watch a film, read etc..)?

Do you know what is making you feel this way? I know you mentioned losing your nan which must have been really hard for you and Iím very sorry to hear that!

Iím not too sure what would be best for you to do in the situation but i would say it would be best to speak to someone like your gp because they could tell you for sure if it does need looking into more and even if it didnít, it would put your mind at rest a bit? I know how hard it can be seeing someone though so just make sure you do what feels right for you.

Remember you can also always come to the board to get support and to chats as well.

Let us know how things go? Iím sorry if this didnít help at all, I think I rambled a bit but I tried...

Esme x"
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Support Circles on Sundays

We're going to be running support circles once a month on a Sunday! At the moment they run on Tuesdays, but for one of those Tuesdays, each month they will be running on a Sunday instead.

This next Sunday support circle will be on the 17th of December. If you'd like to come along, feel free to sign-up closer to the time (when we post the thread for it).
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Anorexic and Pregnant:

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  • Anorexic and Pregnant:

    So on my recent post it shows that I'm pregnant again due to unfortunate situation that happened just over 5 weeks ago. Also back in March I was diagnosed with being anorexic.

    ​Anyway I'm in a dilemma because next Saturday my Brownie leader has asked me to attend an event with some of the Brownies where there is going to be food and I have a problem with eating food in public due to being anorexic as eating too much makes me feel sick. I don't know what to do because the Brownie leader iis unaware about me being anorexic so she probably will expect me to eat like everyone else but at the same time I cant tell her.
    Also by time it gets to next week my bump is likely to become noticeable and I'm worried that the Brownie leader will say something. I cant tell her about being pregnant because she will then ask questions and I cant tell her how its happened ect. I'm gonna try and hide the bump with wearing baggy clothing in the hope she wont notice anything is different. I'm worried she will say something cause in the past she has said about my weight.

    Need advice

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    Hey Laura,

    I think wearing baggy clothes is a good idea! I know you're still in two minds about the baby, so take your time to make a choice that is right for you.

    Anorexia isn't good for you or the baby
    It'll take a while to overcome it, but I'm sure you can!

    There's some stuff online, and plenty of self help books, try everything and see what works for you. About this do with the brownies, could you say you've eaten before you went there, and then only eat a little while you're there? Does that sound good?

    I'm always here for you Laura, I just stopped contacting you outside the mix because of my own circumstances right now, sorry about that
    Tough times never last, but tough people do


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      Hi Aidan. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I will wear baggy clothing for the time being. Yeah I am in 2 minds about the child still and I know I need to take time to think about the right thing to do but at the same time the earlier I have abortion if that is what I decide the easier it is. Yeah being anorexic is hard and I know it's not gonna be good for the baby. I'm trying to get through it but it's not easy and I know it's bad because of what I've been through before. I'll have a look at the stuff online thanks. Yeah that sounds a good idea for the Brownie thing thanks. Thanks for saying you are always here for me. I am always here for you too


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        Hi Lura sorry to hear this, how would you feel about saying you don't feel like eating as you ate before you came out? Or prehaps say you have a bit of stomachache?

        I think wearing baggy clothes is a good idea like Aidan said it good to have a think about what you would like to do before making any sudden decisions.


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          Hi One in a million. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm gonna have to say something like that as I really can't eat in public. Yeh I'm gonna wear baggy clothes in the hope she doesn't notice. Yeh I will have a think about the decision I'm going to make


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            Just remember the dessison is totally yours don't let anyone persuade you to think ine option is better than the other because only you can decide what is best.


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              Hi one in a million. Yeh I will think about the decision and make sure it's my choice. Replying to my PM when u can


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                That's good to hear and I will do hun


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