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Support Circles on Sundays

Hey everyone,

We're going to be running support circles once a month on a Sunday! At the moment they run on Tuesdays, but for one of those Tuesdays, each month they will be running on a Sunday instead.

This next Sunday support circle will be on 26 November. If you'd like to come along, (sign up by completing the form here )
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Chatwee Update

Update - There's been some technical difficulties launching Chatwee onto our website so we will not be moving to Chatwee on Thursday.

As soon as we fix this issue, we'll announce another date for launching. We're really sorry for the delay in Chatwee, thanks so much for your patience.
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Post of The Month (September)

Maisy is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Hey Shaunie,

​I care. I really relate to what you have been experiencing with the house falling apart, and things not getting fixed due to general shame of the state of the house and not knowing where to begin fixing things or who to contact (you don't want to come across rogue tradesmen). Not even having adequate heating and hot water. And clutter. Everywhere. It's horrible to live in such circumstances, I know. It's hard as well when you see everyone else living a 'normal' life and yet being unable to talk about your situation."
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  • Absent-minded

    Hello. Before I get started, I should tell you that I have had ADD in the past. I don't know if I still have it though. Also, I hesitated to post this.

    Now, for every day, about after lunch, around maybe 12:30 PM to 3 or 4 PM, I become very zoned-out or zombie-like or not paying attention to stuff around me.

    This state of being very thoughtless makes me worry about me. Because sometimes the teacher would say something, and I wouldn't even know it and have to resort to asking someone what on earth we're doing, which is embarrassing.

    I'm also not as efficient as everyone else probably because of this lack of speedy thinking. It really bothers me. I'm usually behind everyone else on how far in we are into the assignment. I get so jealous when I see people's assignment paper, and they're already on question 34 or something like that. Completing tests in a 1 period's time has always been a struggle. I didn't even finish the PSAT last year.

    I've tried using caffeinated drinks, because I thought/think that it does improve my speed of thinking and the amount I think.

    Does anyone have any tips?

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    i don't really know anything about this, but have you told a doctor or something? also there are lots of apps and games with things like mind excercises that are meant to help with quicker thinking so i guess you could try one of them? sorry if this wasn't helpful i was just thinking of an idea


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      Hi there Luc,

      It definitely sounds like you're having a rough time at the moment, I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much with school. You mentioned that you have had ADD in the past, were you seeing a doctor about it before that you could talk to again? Speaking to a GP about something like this is always a good first step to understanding what's going on and what options there are for you.

      You might also find it helpful to look into a resource like NetDoctor to learn more about how you're feeling and what it might have to do with your past ADD. Even if the two aren't connected it could be helpful for you to be sure one way or the other.

      Going back to your difficulties with your school work, in particular you mention written exams, have you tried speaking with your teacher directly about the problems you're having?

      - Riley


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