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pregnancy test - faint lines?

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  • pregnancy test - faint lines?


    just need some opinons!!
    did i home pregnancy test yesterday and it came back with a VERY faint thin line, i'm not due on til the wknd but i just have a feeling i might be anyway thats why i did it.
    but the thing is how do you tell if its an evaporation line or an actual faint positive?!
    i did a second one but it wasnt with my first morn wee, and i think that might even have a faint line too, but only just.
    so could these both be evaporation lines?
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    They could be almost anything, there's an article somewhere on here about pregnancy tests although I don't think it'll really help you. Are you aware that the result on the stick is only valid for the first 5 minutes? After 10 minutes any changes on the lines etc should be ignored.

    Know it's not really what you want to hear but your best bet is going to be to wait til the weekend.


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      Mine was faint when i was pregnant. take another irst thing in the morning. First responce showed mine up quicker.


      • #4
        Yes faint, means they are there so it is possitive...


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          Depends when you're due on, and whether you used a first response test or not.

          First/early response pregnancy tests can pick up the pregnancy hormone 4 days before you're due on, but 'normal' tests can't usually pick up on it until after your period is late.

          If you left the tests longer than the time stated on the box then the lines could just be evaporation lines. Best thing to do would be to wait a couple more days then test again, using your first morning urine - and make sure you follow the instructions on the box to the letter.

          Good luck x


          • #6
            a line is a line, however faint.
            Evaporation lines are possible in theory, but ive done plenty of tests that were negative, and ive never seen an evaporation line in real life.
            The reason your line was faint is because you tested early.

            is it what you want?


            • #7
              i used clearblue! same thing really.
              im going to buy the digital one tonight anyway and use it tomorrow morning because i cant wait to the wknd i think i'll go mad before then, im far too impatient
              mixed emotions about it at the mo, probably doesnt help being uncertain of whether i actually am or not though so i couldnt really give a true answer to that yet.
              •°♥.It takes blood and guts to be this cool but I'm still just a cliché.♥°•


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                I recently had a pregnancy scare - well it wasn't really a scare, I'd have been happy if I was pregnant, but the situation with my bf is a bit shakey atm, so I would have had mixed feelings about it.

                Anyway I was about 10 days late coming on and took a couple of tests - both were negative, but I DID get evaporation lines about an hour after I'd take the test. They were really faint.

                If you're taking a test tomorrow, use your first urine in the morning, as that's when the Hgc (pregnancy hormone) will be most evident.


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                  Originally posted by alasia
                  Anyway I was about 10 days late coming on and took a couple of tests - both were negative, but I DID get evaporation lines about an hour after I'd take the test. They were really faint.

                  That would be why you should read instructions as test results should be read shortly (usually about a minute i think) after taking it and they can become inaccurate after that time.


                  • #10
                    Oh yeah I know, I read the test after 2 mins like it said on the box, but left the test in the bathroom afterwards. Forgot about it then when I wetn back to throw the test away it had another faint line.

                    I knew it was an evaporation line though so I just binned the test


                    • #11
                      I had faint lines on mine, and i was pregnant. a line is a line at the end of the day, and they can only appear if the pregnancy hormone is there. Id probably just keep the clearblue one until you are actually late, as you will only need to do it again afterwards to ease your own mind, so best just to wait...easily said i know.
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                        since then ive done another test and it came back strong positive, and also i havent obviously come on, but i went to the docs today and he did one and it came back negative! arrrgh! this is drivin me mad.

                        but baring in mind ive done like 4 wees b4 i did his test?! so they probably werent as strong?
                        and i got ANOTHER test (first response) and just did it and it came back reaally faint again.
                        so am i right in thinking that i must be pregnant? just very early stages.
                        •°♥.It takes blood and guts to be this cool but I'm still just a cliché.♥°•


                        • #13
                          you poor thing, regardless of what you would like the outcome to be, it must be really difficult not knowing anything for sure!
                          what did the doctor suggest when you told him that your test was positive? could you go and see a different doctor for a second opinion?


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                            What didi the doctor say about the negative?
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                              most doctors wont re-test you after a positive home pregnancy test, as home pregnancy tests tend to be more sensitive than doctors tests, which has been proven by what has happened here.

                              Are you going to continue with the pregnancy do you think?


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