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"my recent post and a comment from another user has made me realise that self care is so important.

I wanted to start a thread in the Health and Wellbeing section of the boards about self care.

Self care is provided by you, for you

I know a lot of us are struggling at the moment with different aspects of our own lives, and sometimes we get so lost in these we forget to take time for ourselves. This tread is, a Reminder to you to take time out for yourself during the difficult times.

down in the comments I would really love for people to share ideas and tips about self- care. to remind ourselves and others in the community.

My way of self care when i recognise ( or someone recognises i have neglected myself) is:

Take a walk and admire whats around me ( take as long as needed)
treat myself to a bath with a bathbomb and bubbles ( bubbles are important)
make a hot drink and just sit down with a film.

Please feel free to share your ideas!

The Mix have a guide to self-care which you can find here."
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Vegetarian Food

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  • Vegetarian Food

    Im considering giving myself a break from meat for a while, I've gotten a bit fed up of it and fancy a change.

    So does anyone have any good vegetarian websites/cookbooks they can recommend me? Im not into beans and pulses or tofu/quorn etc. Im just wanting to have more veggie based meals rather than just some veg bunged on the side of my plate.

    Thank you

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    Things that you would normally cook with meat are really nice with a bunch of mixed veg instead. For example, a veggie lasagne is gorgeous. I would never make it with quorn mince or anything, just lots of mushroom, courgette, tomatoes, onion, peppers etc. You can use the same sorts of veg to make veggie fajitas.

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      Herbs and spices are great for flavouring your veg too!
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        i like veg stirfrys. you can buy those packets of stirfry mixes (shredded veg and beansprouts) and add broccolli, mushrooms whatever you fancy with some noodles or rice and a yummy sauce like thai or black bean.

        veg pasta bake or lasange like littlemissy said is nice too.


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          Soups can also be a good way to start now that we're in the winter months.

          You can make some really nice hearty curries with vegetables. In supersize me, Morgan Sperlocks girlfriend cooks a delicious looking vegetable tart before his McDonaldsfest.

          A delicious side dish I discovered at the weekend is Nigella's sweetcorn pudding
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            Don't know of any websites/cookbooks specifically for vegetarian, but this is my favourite vegetarian thing.

            Mediterranean Vegetable Bake

            1 block ready made puff pastry
            1 tin chopped tomatoes
            1 onion, chopped
            2 cloves garlic
            one veg stock cube
            a squeeze of tomato puree
            1/2 - 1 tsp sugar
            mixed herbs
            1/4 lb mushrooms, sliced
            2 courgettes, diced small
            1 red pepper, diced small
            1 green pepper, diced small
            olive oil
            salt and pepper

            Fry the onion and the garlic in the oil till browned, add the courgettes and peppers and fry for a few mins until softened.

            Add the tomato puree, tin of tomatoes, herbs, stock cube and sugar. Season and bring to boil. Simmer 20 mins.

            Add the mushrooms and simmer another roughly 10 mins until slightly thickened. Leave to cool until almost completely cold or else it'll melt the pastry.

            Roll out the pastry into a large rectangle big enough to cover the base of a baking tray and fold over the top. Put the veg and tomato filling onto the base, leaving a small gap round the edge.

            Brush the edge of the pastry with olive oil, fold over and press down. Make a couple of small slits in the top of the pastry to allow steam to escape, and then bake it according to the instructions on the pastry packet.

            You might find you've got too much filling for the pie, but it's nice with pasta too.
            Last edited by Miffy; 14-11-2006, 11:49 AM.


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              Everything is sounding very yummy

              Cant start making things til next week though but at least I have inspiration!


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                That sounds delicious, Miffy
                "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things" George Carlin


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                  Originally posted by go_away
                  That sounds delicious, Miffy
                  It is! It's something Birds Eye used to make, I nicked the recipe. :D

                  It's lovely with new/salad potatoes and green beans.
                  Last edited by Miffy; 14-11-2006, 11:43 AM.


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                    *has green beans*

                    Soup tonight but I'm hitting the shops tomorrow, I definitely want to try it :D
                    "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things" George Carlin


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                      There's loadsa veggie food you can make... Chickpea burgers, shepherds pie, curries, hotpots ect... Already put one recipie up on my thread.

                      The Vegetarian Society offers some recipies and advice on vegetarianism.
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                        yeah vegetarian society recipes are really good. also try and when you search click the vegtarian button
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                          Veg lasagne is better than the meat one.

                          I'm a big fan of cous cous at the moment, Ainsley Harriots is gorge!!

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                            Originally posted by xXxXxSarahxXxXx
                            Veg lasagne is better than the meat one.
                            yeah, tis my fave home cooked meal

                            chips are vegetarian also, you can get froze nut burgers (or nut cutlets, I forget what they're called) in sainsburys. They're yum!
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