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positions that make a woman feel tighter

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  • positions that make a woman feel tighter

    does anyone know which are the best positions to make a womens bits seem tighter to the guy, and thus give his bits more grip+friction?
    Also, which positions have the opposite effect, and make everything feel less tight?

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    Are you the guy or the girl?


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      im the girl


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        The generalised answer to this is; legs closer together (i.e. more closed) is tigher and conversely, legs further apart is less tight.

        An example of a less tight position: on your back with your legs up, knees wide apart and heels off the bed.

        An example of a more tight position: on your back with your legs up, knees together and heels pressing up against his chest.

        Also, legs closer together, there is more friction with tightly clenched thighs.

        I think ...
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          I heard (but never tried it.)

          Girl on back, boy on top. Girl has legs on boys shoulders. for more grip!


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            I don't know whether it feels tighter for him but she can lie on her tummy with her legs closed and he can sit on top of her.


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              I think what you're asking is what positions are tighter, and thus give more stimulation to the guy's penis. A general rule to consider is that the positions where you are physically a lot closer tend to be tighter - for example, if she's got her legs wrapped round him, he might find that more stimulating than nookie would be otherwise.

              If, however, you want something considerably tighter, then you might be able to try anal sex instead.


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                if it gets too tight your vaginal wall will rupture

                but yeh tight thighs work best


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                  Legs on his shoulders, or your legs inbetween his.


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