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Post of The Month

One-in-a-million is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Just a bit of fun here if you could create an advent calendar what would you put in it and why.

For me you would still get chocolate 😆😆
But inside each door is a task for the day. Something that includes you helping/talking to others, doing something festive and spreading Christmas cheer
For example

1. Tell your parents/carers you love them
2. Say hello when passing an OAP (that might be the only thing someone says to them all week)
3. Watch a Christmas movie
4. Help someone in need e.g put some spare change in a charity box, buy a warm drink for the homeless person who sits on the corner, dothe washing up ha ha ha😂
5 make hot chocolate
6. Visit your grandparents (if you donít already) They will more than likely love to see you.
7. Sing a Christmas song with a friend
8. Dress up in something Christmasy when you do your shopping.

You get the idea 😂😉 my reason for this is to get people in the mood and understand what Christmas actually means.

What would yours have and why."
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I keep thinking people are talking about me

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  • I keep thinking people are talking about me

    Im in high School and every time i get something wrong everyone starts making a big deal out of it then when they start saying things that I'm dumb and that they are smarter than me so when i ignore them i hear voices in my head telling me I'm thick and a looser and I'm stupid and I always feel that people are talking about me behind my back that they actually hate me. I'm too scared to tell my mum and dad about this and im not sure what to do now.

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    Honestly, try speak to someone about it, and let the teacher know whats happening. Sometimes when things play over in our heads it's hard to shake off. Nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes and get things wrong sometimes, the main thing is you're answering, who cares if its wrong? That just means you're learning! When we hear things so often we start to believe them, but it's all just lies! Please don't listen to them, I'm sure if you speak to your parents then can assure you it's not true, and they can help you

    also, welcome to the boards!
    'My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse.' - Kate Le Page


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      I'm 14, so also in high school. I know exactly how you feel. Honestly, you should try to talk to someone about it. That person could be anyone that you trust - like a teacher or school assistant. Any adult you trust.

      High school is hard work.

      - Eleanor.

      P.S. As bubbles said, welcome to the boards, it's great to have you here!
      "Truely independent person who doesn't do quotes, just dates".. (29.04.17)


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        Thank you both! I'll try and talk to my head of year to move classes so I'm not with the ones that pick on me 😁


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          Absolutely do that, you shouldn't have to put up with that crap at the place where you spend a high percentage of your time! Hope they sort it out.
          "Truely independent person who doesn't do quotes, just dates".. (29.04.17)


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            Hey there,

            Iím sorry to hear that you are feeling this way! You most certainly are not dumb or thick, itís totally normal to be hard on yourself! High school unfortunately can be a tough experience and everybody faces challenges along the way!

            If you feel like you want to talk to someone more about your experiences, you can reach out to Get Connected, which is a free, confidential helpline service that supports young people with their problems. Their number is 0808 808 4994.

            Alternatively, The Mix offers a range of articles that deal with issues with classmates and bullying like this one: . Here is a list of support lines/helplines mentioned in the article that can be contacted if you want to explain your situation in more detail:

            • BullyingUK offers advice and support to victims of bullying. Call on 0808 800 2222.
            • Anyone can contact the Samaritans on their 24-hour helpline to talk things through. 116 123
            • Supportline offers confidential emotional support for a range of problems by email, phone and post.
            Hope this helped!

            Vidhya @The Mix


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              Originally posted by BubblesGoesBoo View Post
              Please don't listen to them, I'm sure if you speak to your parents then can assure you it's not true, and they can help you
              They helped me a lot!


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