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Boards downtime (Tuesday - Thursday)

While we're busy migrating to our new boards software, the boards will be down from Tuesday evening to Thursday evening. Click here for more info.
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Post of The Month

Mirabelle is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Hey @Invisible_me

As I'll be abroad tomorrow on music business, here is my technique for relaxation.

This is a relaxation technique that I use when stressed. I particularly like the colour green; it helps relax me.

Choose a word or a phase. Example: Lake; Sea; River; Blue sky; Green fields as far as the eye can see; Twilight.

Sit quietly in a relaxing and comfortable position, close your eyes and relax your muscles. Breath slowly, repeating your focus word(s) in your mind as you exhale. If everyday thoughts intrude, let them go and return and continue this for ten to twenty minutes.

During this time ,adopt the breathing technique I shared with you earlier. I hope all this be helpful to you.

Wishing you all the best,

~ Belle"
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Support Circles

We run Support Circle chats on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Support Circle is a small group chat for no more than 10 people. Take it in turns to talk about whatever is on your mind or sign up as a listener if you enjoy helping others. To find out more and sign up for a place (click here)

Places are limited so make sure to sign up quickly!
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Very Useful Study Guide and Strategies for Students

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  • Very Useful Study Guide and Strategies for Students

    Here is an excellent study guide containing strategies that help students and learners cope to succeed, be they at school or university.

    Save this website to refer to later. Studygs:

    The greatest female power is empathy to create relationships on a personal level. It's better for a woman to come across as more nurturing, more warm, and that is going to lend more success to her than for a man doing the same thing.

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    Nice one, Julie. Thank you!
    "Truely independent person who doesn't do quotes, just dates".. (29.04.17)


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