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We've just released our new StepFinder app and it's now available on Android devices. We'd love some help testing it out to hear your feedback before it's released to the public.

Date: Tuesday 24th April 2018 from 6.30pm to 8pm

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Vanilla Survey Results

It's been a few months since we announced our exciting move to the new boards software Vanilla.

Back in February, we asked you to complete a survey so we could hear what you thought about some potential features and changes that Vanilla can offer. We also sent this survey out to our boards volunteers.

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Post of The Month

Shaunie is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Hey Novocaine

This sounds really difficuly and scary. Sorry youre going through such a hard time im glad youre getting some sort of help. Experimental therapies sounds good. I hope youre taking good care of yourself aswell and doing things you enjoy and doing small things that could make you feel better like nice relaxing bath.

Mindfullness and grounding technics can be really helpful. In times where i felt disassociated i would be vaguely suggested to stay midful and present in the here and now. Which can help your concentration aswell. Like even picking up something around you & noticing how that feels & what is around you helps to be less in a dream state of mind. Loking at everything in details & concetrating on your breathing. I know its quite hard to rememeber to do in times of high anxiety but it doesnt need to just be when you get to that point. Can be any time of the day just to help you feel better and get in rountine of doing it & remembering

Its also okay to not know what you want to do after school. Even people who seem to know what they want - end up not wanting it and alll can take some time to know and feel better and that is okay too, youre on your own lil journey. But there is always hope

Take care"
(Click for full post )
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Mental health and struggling in UNI

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  • #16
    Hello Fran and Belle,

    Thanks for replying.

    Uni is still proving to be a challenge. I have got a meeting with my 'personal tutor' next Monday. GP apt has been moved forward to 2 weeks time, but if I needed it sooner there's slots this Friday I just need to call up and say that I phone spoke to GP and said I could have one for Friday. It's because some slots per day (some all day) are same-day appts but to get these you have to call up first thing.

    Thank you!


    • #17
      Hi again Invisible_me The first year at university is always the most stressful and frenetic as the tutors pile on the coursework, and do it to every new university entrant. But the second year does get better, and I've someone in my family who is a post-grad and is now doing a PhD. Again, the first year absolutely did her head in; but this year is her 2nd, and therefore so much easier to manage.

      Last December, Jules my partner posted this in the student forum about how to manage your time more effectively. It is far more than a guide. It includes effective strategies found most useful, even for those doing their PhD's. Hope you find it helpful, so please bookmark it.

      Wishing you all the best

      ~ Belle
      L’amore non e bello / Se non litigarello
      (Love is no fun / without bickering)


      • #18
        Hi Invisible_me ,

        Agree with Mirabelle - from speaking to university students, the first year is quite tough despite being socially portrayed as a year to mess around. New people, new places, hard work and a lot of studying to do! By the second year, things should be settled (except perhaps accommodation, if you're moving place).

        Hope you feel better soon!x

        Much love <3


        • #19
          Hello All,

          Thanks for your messages, apoligies for not replying sooner.- Been very hectic!

          THank you! I think yeah the first year is portrayed socially to be a mess about year, and it so seriously isn't it's very hard! I'm seriously do not want to continue with uni to be honest. I think I just can't do it.

          No, I am living it home, so accomdation isn't an issue.

          Thank you for the Mirabelle, I will take a look.


          • #20
            Hey Invisible_me,
            You are free to choose whatever you feel it's best for you. If you believe you'd better leave uni, then you can do that, without any worry. It's been brave of yours coming to such an understanding of yourself and your needs, so you have the right to follow the path you think can suit you better.

            All the best,

            - Fran


            • #21
              Originally posted by Fran View Post
              Hey Invisible_me,
              You are free to choose whatever you feel it's best for you. If you believe you'd better leave uni, then you can do that, without any worry. It's been brave of yours coming to such an understanding of yourself and your needs, so you have the right to follow the path you think can suit you better.

              All the best,

              - Fran
              Hi Fran,

              Thanks for replying-apoligies in delay.

              I have had a think on your message and in general. To be honest, I'm not sure whether it's my mental heatlth that is effecting uni, or is it uni effecting my mental health- does that make sense? Therefore, is it that if I definitely leave university will things get better.

              I also get that I have the right to do what I want, but part of that is also 'shaped' by those around me; I don't want to quit uni and people around me aren't fond of that idea. I need the support of those around me and their agreement. - Is this all making sense?



              • #22
                Hey there Invisible_me.

                There are definitely a lot of factors to weigh up when you're thinking about something like this and it's understandable that you're having such a tough time deciding what to do. You mentioned that the people around you aren't fond of the idea of you quitting university and I just wondered how much you've discussed this with those around you? It's possible that better understanding how much this is affecting your health might help them better understand where you're coming from. At the end of the day it's important for you to choose what you think is best since it's your life and your health. I hope this helps.

                - Riley


                • #23
                  Hello, Riley,

                  Thanks for replying.

                  I guess I haven't discussed it with them that much but the reason for this is because they don't understand, and don't really know how to tell them. I wish I could tell them but don't feel that is something I can do.

                  There has now bee an update- I nw have an apt booked for the 'student services' at uni. A phychiatrsit apt also coming up but she's not much helpat all.

                  SPeak soon


                  • #24
                    Hey Invisible_me,

                    I think that causes and effects can be way more flexible than we imagine and that it's possible that mental health is affecting uni and that uni is affecting mental health in some kind of "vicious circle". It's really great that you have scheduled two appointments with two different professionals.
                    Regarding those people close to you that are not fond of the idea, have you ever considered writing down your thoughts in a letter and giving it to them? it may be a valid alternative to direct speaking if you don't feel like doing it.

                    Let us know how your appointment go!

                    - Fran


                    • #25
                      Hi there Fran

                      Thanks for your reply. Yes it hard for me to know, and I possibly won't every know.

                      I've got the uni meeting on Wednesday- Dont' know what to do? what to say? Like..

                      I have tried telling parents before via speech or via a letter and it hasn't ever gone down well.... so don't think I can do that.

                      I went to the GP today and wrote things down for her, I mean my GP is really really nice and she understood what I was trying to say and stuff, but she just foud it hard to like advise anything or do much, But she said they will get something sorted and sooner or later things will improve. I am seeing her on Wednesday at her 'happy club'..But yeah... Like she's absolutely lovely the GP but I feel in regards to moving forward she's unsure.



                      • #26
                        Hey Invisible_me,
                        The first thing I thought while reading your post is that you are allowed to give yourself time. It's ok if you don't know what to say at your appointment in advance. Just let it happen as it has to. It will be an interaction, so there's no need for you to prepare something to say, as maybe it can be better for you to just let your thoughts and words flow as they are meant to.
                        It may be possible that your GP, too, needs some time to think about the following steps, as she may be a professional who prefers to sort some options out together with you instead of giving you predetermined ones. it may be scary at the beginning, but in the end I believe this could be a helpful approach. Together you could also talk about some solutions that would help you have an open communication with your parents and explain everything to them in a way that helps you all.

                        Good luck for your appointment on Wednesday, let us know

                        - Fran


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