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"Hey Abi,

Please don't be sorry. Have you ever heard of the phrase "You can't pour from an empty cup"? I feel like this applies here. You need to look after yourself before you can start caring for other people. I know you know all about self care so I won't go on, but try and practise it a little, the way you encourage others to. It's great that you have other skills too, I know music is one of your passions in life and hopefully by studying it that can help you get to where you want to be. Take all the time you need, you don't have to support people in SC all of the time - chat is there to support you too when you are going through difficult times.

Take care of yourself

Jelly x"
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  • Job update

    So as you may have seen on my post on the 17th of May I decided to resign from my job in retail and on the post a few days later I was indecisive on whether to write to head office about how I was treated whilst working within the job.

    Anyway I decided to take it to head office and then on the 21st of June I had to go into the store and speak to the store manager about how I was treated as he wanted all the details and how it made me felt. After the meeting he said that he didn't realise that I went through any of that and the reason I was talking to other members of staff for advice was because I didn't know what to do so he regrets suspended me and it leading to me having to resign in the thought I would lose my job anyway and it would look better when looking for other jobs if I resigned instead of being sacked.

    Anyway the outcome of that meeting is on the 27th of June I then got a letter from the store manager which said we have taken everything you have said on board and we never knew fully what you were going through whilst working in the setting during your shifts and outside of your shifts and we have come to a decision that you can either have the job back and go back to the hours you had or we can give you some money if you don't want to come back which we would perfectly understand if you did feel like that because of how you were treated. We should have been more lenient with you and the fact you were left in positions where you felt uncomfortable (being in fitting rooms and on tills alone even when its been busy and you were told that you wouldn't after making supervisors and managers aware before it still continued to happen) and with the manager not believing you when you were open about the situation with your cousin should have never been the case and we will be speaking to the manager about this and informing you on the outcome. We would look forward to hearing from you on what you would like to do. I understand that you may take a while to decide of what is best for you to do and therefore we will give you the time to think about it and I would like you to know that your job will be open for you to come back until we hear back from you.

    ​I am 50:50 on what to do for the best right now. Any ideas?

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    Hey Laura,

    It sounds like a lots happened over the last couple of months since you resigned from your job. ​How are you feeling about everything at the moment?

    This sounds like quite a difficult decision to make. For some people writing out a list of pros and cons for each option can be helpful way to reflect on what decision might be best for you. Do you think this might be helpful?

    All the best,



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      Hi Allife. Yeah a lot has happened since I resigned from my job.. I'm feeling okay now because I've got myself a full time job so I'll be asking for the money as i don't have the time to do it on top of my other job. Thanks for the idea I would have done it if I didn't have another job!


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        Hey Laura
        Glad you're feeling okay and you got a new job. Hope it goes okay
        "Recovery is my best revenge" - Carolyn Spring "Let your past make you better not bitter" - Unknown


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          Hey Laura,

          That's great to hear you've got a new full time job, I hope it's going well.

          All the best,

          - Aife


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