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"Hey Abi,

Please don't be sorry. Have you ever heard of the phrase "You can't pour from an empty cup"? I feel like this applies here. You need to look after yourself before you can start caring for other people. I know you know all about self care so I won't go on, but try and practise it a little, the way you encourage others to. It's great that you have other skills too, I know music is one of your passions in life and hopefully by studying it that can help you get to where you want to be. Take all the time you need, you don't have to support people in SC all of the time - chat is there to support you too when you are going through difficult times.

Take care of yourself

Jelly x"
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Absolutely devastated

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  • Absolutely devastated

    I had a meeting with student welfare at college today and they have forced me to take a year out of my counselling course. I loved the lessons so much and yes my mental health isnt amazing but it wont ever be, i thought i was doing so well too.
    Just someone changing to who they really are. Jessica, now Jacob, been a big step but im sure it will be an exciting journey.

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    Hey Jacob,

    That sounds so frustrating to deal with, I'm sure most people would hate to have something taken out of their control like that so it's understandable that you're feeling so annoyed. Is there anyone you can talk to in order to try and repeal the decision or maybe look for other solutions? I'm not really familiar with your school's system so I can't give a lot of advice but the boards are always a great place to have a rant and get things off your chest. Here's hoping you're able to sort things out or hopefully let off a little steam somehow.

    - Riley


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      Hey Jacob101

      I'm really sorry to hear what happened with student welfare at college. It sounds like you were really enjoying the course and doing really well at it, I'm sorry to hear about the decision they made. How are you feeling about their decision?

      You mentioned they've forced you to take a whole year out, is that a set amount of time or is there a chance you can return sooner?

      All the best,

      - Aife


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