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Hey everyone,

We're going to be running support circles once a month on a Sunday! At the moment they run on Tuesdays, but for one of those Tuesdays, each month they will be running on a Sunday instead.

This next Sunday support circle will be on 26 November. If you'd like to come along, (sign up by completing the form here )
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"Hey Shaunie,

​I care. I really relate to what you have been experiencing with the house falling apart, and things not getting fixed due to general shame of the state of the house and not knowing where to begin fixing things or who to contact (you don't want to come across rogue tradesmen). Not even having adequate heating and hot water. And clutter. Everywhere. It's horrible to live in such circumstances, I know. It's hard as well when you see everyone else living a 'normal' life and yet being unable to talk about your situation."
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Missed signing day @ Jobcentre...what next

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  • Missed signing day @ Jobcentre...what next

    As some of you will know, you're required to sign on every two weeks at the Jobcentre so that they can check that you're actively looking for work, etc.

    When I first signed on for JSA, I thought (having claimed previously) that my first signing day would be two weeks after that, but it was actually one week, meaning I missed my signing (fair enough, I should have checked the date).

    I've just come back from the Jobcentre, having explained that I had made a genuine mistake, but was made to fill in a form (that looked like it had been photocopied five times) explaining why I had missed my signing day, which would then be sent off and a decision made on whether this was a reasonable excuse.
    It was then explained to me that if my reason wasn't accepted, I'd have to start my claim again - which goes against what I was told when I first signed on, which was that if I missed a signing day

    Is this correct? The advisor who I saw didn't seem to know what to do and I think I may have been wrongly made to fill in the aformentioned form.

    Also, does anyone else find that some of the advisors are the most rude, patronising people on earth?
    The advisor I saw today, even after I'd explained that I'd just graduated with a Master's degree seemed unable to grasp that I didn't need to be spoken to like I was an idiot.
    I explained why I'd missed my signing day, and even after that she tried to tell me why I'd missed it!

    TBH, I'm steaming right now.

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    I'm afraid that is correct. But you shouldn't need to start your claim again. Dont panic.
    And damn right they are rude and patronising grrrrr


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      The people in the jobcentre i attend, are for the most part useless rude effing planks. They dont listen, they print off jobs that have no relevance to you or for jobs that absolutely require someting IE a drivers license. They keep you waiting, yes this is possibly the most irritating thing they do. I get their every signing on day 15/20 mins early to beat all the chavs and low life scum because i cannot be arsed sitting listening to them being racist etc and not a single jobcentre worker stopping them or doing anything about it.

      You sit, and wait.. and wait .. and wait and its not just me there are other folk sitting before me still waiting, the staff just sit twiddling their thumbs for ages then one will shout someones name randomly, they know they arent their they looked for them before shouting, before making us wait and then 15 minutes after you should have been seen they call you or just say next as they have been doing recently. Majority of the time they dont even bother looking for jobs for us they just go ok buh bye now.

      and you know something else, because they made you wait for 15 minutes after you were supposed to be seen they sometimes say you were later to sign on, the bastards, seriously thats one slap in the face to much, one guy 2 weeks ago almost started shouting at the bloke because he had been waiting 30 minutes and had been overlooked everytime so he was told he was late when in fact he was not.

      One point of relevance to your post i would say is this. Remember that any decision a jobcentre makes on a claim or as i'd imagine on this type of thing also, you can contest what their decision is... i think
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        wow strong words i mean they can't be that bad can they

        i have always thought the 1st three month they don't give a dame u goin
        to sign on and the lady/man asks you how the job search going and on one occasion i did say crap and all she did was said sign here as for your problem
        AngelCity i was also late by a few days and went through that process
        it is a load of crap i just i was here on time and that their was nobody at the desk even though i was a few days late. they come back with these

        statements and question you have to answer one of which was ' the Jobcetre
        say thir was people on all desks' to cut a long story short i just replied 'check
        your security camara . after 30 mins they told me they have accepted my reasons if they did not they would have tooks one day jsa money.
        i was their for 2 hours and i told them at the start just take the 1days money
        and the joker goes 'but we want you to put your side of the story'

        my advise to you is that don't stress althoug i hear that after 3 month then
        they have to be more helpful so mayby its geting better


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          what i ment was ' i just said i was here on time' sorry didn't read before posting


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            Originally posted by rachie004
            If people hate the job centre staff so much and find them so rude, would it not be the sensible thing to just get a job so they don't have to go there anymore? or is that just too sensible?
            Its not as easy as all that.
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              Originally posted by rachie004
              If people hate the job centre staff so much and find them so rude, would it not be the sensible thing to just get a job so they don't have to go there anymore? or is that just too sensible?
              If it was that easy I wouldn't have signed on in the first place.

              Just wait until your on New Deal it's all downhill from there.
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                Originally posted by Modern_lace
                Just wait until your on New Deal it's all downhill from there.
                Actually liked when i was on new deal a couple of years back. My own personal advisor, who looked fo rjobs that I was actually interested in, or capable of doing they did what you wanted to help you, not just what helped them. Which was nice.

                I'm actually looking forward to goingonto new deal when compared to how it currently works.

                In saying that, of course the best option is getting a job. I'm not like a lot of the people i see at my local jobcentre i actually turn up on time, in fact early! I actually look for work i actually make an effort. and when it comes down to it im unsuccessful, but you keep on trying. It sure aint easy but giving up isnt an option.

                Like today, i was expecting a call regarding the interview i had on saturday, no phonecall so chasing them up tomorrow. In the meantime off to apply elsewhere.


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                  is it true that you can only be refered to new deal once i mean
                  if you have already been on new deal then the next time ur unemployed for 6 month then you get refered 2 other programs


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                    I am an Adviser and am appalled at what you are all saying. If the service you are getting is really that bad then you must put a complaint it, ask for the form next time you are in, as you can also put suggestions on it,but keep them clean or you might not like the reply you get!! If you don't put it in writing then nothing will ever get done about it.I f your local jobcentre os Jobcentre Plus than there should be 'FloorWalkers' and possibly customer care officers. If someone is kicking off then you should be complaining to these people as it is in their job description to manage the floor and ensure it is pleasant for everyone. If you don't say anything though nothing will ever get done!


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                      If you miss your signing day, I'm afraid you do have to fill in forms to explain why.

                      You are only asked to turn up for one time slot once every two weeks. The whole of the rest of that fortnight, you can do what you want. What if you had a job and turned up a week late? Your money depends on you turning up on time. Welcome to the real world. End of story.

                      From what you've said a) you're an intelligent person, b) you've signed before. You're signing book tells you when your first signing day is. When someone fails to sign, a claim is only kept open for five days, then closed.

                      From what you've said, I don't understand why they would close your claim. Your money may be suspended, but that's different.

                      No-one forces you to go into a jobcentre. No-one drags you in from off the street. If you want to claim JSA, you also sign up to the responsibilities that go with it.

                      There are thousands and thousands of jobs out there. They may not all be your chosen career, you may feel you deserve better, but if you hate jobcentres so much, do one of them until your chosen job comes up.

                      Do you think all jobcentre workers are praising the lord they've achieved their life's ambition to be a civil servant? No, most of them started as casual workers until they got a 'proper' job and they're still stuck there, because they have bills to pay.

                      When you have to pay a mortgage and feed your children, I'm afraid being choosy isn't an option.
                      You felt the hear the cry.


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                        Talk about groundhog day......
                        You felt the hear the cry.


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                          Hey, this thread is from 2005 - gonna close it now.
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