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Pay issues / underpayed / Being Paid wrong

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  • Pay issues / underpayed / Being Paid wrong

    It came to light today that my work have been paying me the wrong shift pay. They have been paying me at the under 21 rate for the last SEVEN MONTHS even though they knew i was 23 when i started their and the management told me i would be getting paid at a tiny bit higher rate.

    As it goes thats not the only issue here. It also transpires that i have been underpaid.

    The problem with both of these things is that i dont think i'm going to see my money for months yet even though i feel i should be given it ASAP.

    My question is this what's the next step ? I've spoken with my bosses and its in their hands, is that it .. is that all i can do i just have to sit back and wait for them to decide how they are going to pay be back for the last seven months. I'll be honest i just feel like they are going to try and cheat me out of the money they owe me. I've been getting paid &#163;2 less per shift than i should have which works out to be around a couple of hundred quid owed to me.

    My boss who is in charge atm has changed the pay on the computer so as of today i will be getting the right pay but he also commented to one of the other senior staff " whatever spare budget we have left [over the next whatever length of time] just throw it on top " .. i took that to mean that they are cluess about this whole thing and how much they even owe me.

    Miffed doesnt begin to desribe how i feel. After how hard i've worked for them and been the most reliable member of staff even going in and working my birthday not to mention loyal and just a very good worker i find out they're just taking the piss i feel.

    One of not all of the bosses have fxcked up big time. They knew my age their are no excuses here. They input all the working hours and how much each person gets into the bloody computer.

    So yeah I just want to know what my options are here . . .

    advice please if any is even applicable

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    Just get a solicitor to write a genuinely nice letter describing the breakages in the law, and how much they could be fined and screwed anally etc, and that you expect renumeration for your lost wages within a reasonable (but short) timespan


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      Originally posted by rachie004
      You're birthday isn't a national holiday you know, it is acceptable to have to go to work on your birthday

      Speak to ACAS prehaps? (I'll say it before Kermit does )
      I knew someone would mention it It kind of goes without saying these day's on here

      as for my birthday .. pfft it should be !


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        id take my birthday off as paid holiday - u have every right imo to take ur bday off lol

        yeah the solicitor thing is a good idea
        Dont know what to say


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          Last edited by girl with sharp teeth; 01-01-2009, 02:51 PM.
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            Originally posted by girl with sharp teeth
            Community Legal Services Direct number is 0845 345 4345. They can provide you with free legal advice from an employment law specialist.

            Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for that info.

            i'm still very confused regarding my wage issues. Today i found out i am getting a bit of a wage rise but the conversation regarding it was possibly the most confusing one i have ever had. I think myself and the dep manager were talking at cross purposes.

            He says its a wage rise but i reckon it's their way of giving me back the 7 months worth money they owe me. But either way it will be a long long time before i see my money, they have to pay me it back from their EXISTING budget no help from head office whatsoever, which i can kind of understand but on the other hand i can't.

            During the chat we were having which was actually informal as there was a few of us talking with him on the stairs on the shop floor he mentioned the list of people who had been underpaid at the end of June, and he missed me off it which i immediatly reminded him about .. His answer ? " i dont know whats happening with it X was dealing with it. X being someone who isnt even a part of management.

            Ultimatly i have decided i should leave. I'm not being pissed about like this. Just not sure when is the best time. Time to sit back and make plans me thinks.

            I'm leaving this matter until Monday or Tuesday when my boss, the manageress is back from her lavish 3 week holiday [I've *never* heard of a manager being allowed to take 3 weeks holiday at the one time btw !] I'll ask her to investigate both issues.

            I'll probably have to threaten them with legal action to actually make them pay attention to me instead of trying to bump me !


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              did you not check a pay slip in your time of getting underpaid?

              im owed &#163;150 at the moment as i got a pay rise which they said they'd back date a couple of months too which is all good but i keep asking our wages/accounts person that they are deffo gonna do it this month. best to stay on top of stuff like this.

              is there noone in payroll you could talk to or anything?
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                I'd have to go over their heads to get to payroll something they really wouldnt be chuffed about. The problem with our wage slips is that it doesnt list the hours you worked so you never really can be sure if you have been paid correctly. It only lists the amount paid and what for i.e basic wage audit bonus or anything like that, plus the usual stuff.

                I brought it to their attention last week after we got paid and was told it would be looked into but just like with this other issue i feel like they don't give two shit's. I don't want to keep being pushy about it partly because for i know it really could be getting looked into, it just doesnt seem or feel like it.


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                  But their payroll department, or even the shop themselves, need to keep a record of all the hours you've worked to comiple the payroll. Its pretty much illegal if they dont, as they would have no back-up to show how the payroll was calulated.
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                    If you are paid hourly then your pay slip should fully list all hours worked. If you are salaried that isn't such an issue, as you are contracted to a certain number of hours a week, which you are expected to work.

                    GWST's advice is the best. You are owed that money, six months is six months too late, and a threatening letter would normally do the trick. You are a creditor, and you have the rights of any other unsecured creditor.


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                      Kermit, RE the contract & hours worked thing. I'm not strictly contracted to any set hours, no one in the shop with the exception of full time staff is. You are given shifts per week, one per day of either 4 5 or 6 hours and you work them. They do give a fair bit of leeway if you should need time off or to change a shift but obviously it starts from a person availablity.

                      I just work the shifts i'm given. It's all very confusing because they keep telling me different thing's.

                      They tell us they dont pay per hour but per shift but i saw today whilst i went into question something else that their is a list of how much you get paid per hour, even though they dont do it!

                      I was underpaid for last month and found out today they havent even bothered to investigae my case they've just left it. I told them i'd be taking in the list of hours i just so happened to keep and they can go and check it out !

                      I have no choice but to seek legal advice then talk with the manageress on Monday or Tuesday.

                      Thanks to all for the advice / replies. It is being taken on board.


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                        How do you know which hours you actually worked - do you have a clocking on/off system?
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                          Originally posted by Crystal Tipps
                          How do you know which hours you actually worked - do you have a clocking on/off system?

                          No. we dont have a clocking in or out system. We have a sign in sheet and thats what they must use. I'm going to check something out about this tomorrow morning when i go in.


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