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"Hi there,

Welcome to the boards. Hope you gind it more helpful.

Its hard to find support, sorry that no one will take you to see your gp/doctor i am not sure if this is the same for you but you are aload to book doctors appointments without your parents being there and you can attend them unacccompanied.

Depression and other illness can be quite scary especially when your quite young. Do have a look round the site there are lots of useful articles and information on here.

You are not alone.

Sunday to thursday we have support chats and general chats on at 8pm till 9:30pm if you would like to join them. They are a great way to get to know people and seak support at the same time. Heres the link to the page -

Hope to see you round

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How-to Hide your visit to The Mix

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  • How-to Hide your visit to The Mix

    Hey everyone

    One of the great things about The Mix boards is that you can be completely anonymous. You can talk about whatever is happening in your life without anyone you know away from this place reading what you write. This can be amazing as it means it's possible to open up and get support for things that you might not want to talk to your friends or family about. Or at least not yet.

    We want you to feel as safe as possible on The Mix, and for lots of people, staying anonymous is a big part of that. So, the idea of this thread is to give you some tech-tips on how best to protect your anonymity. You can also read and sign up to our Confidentiality Pledge.

    Hiding your internet history
    Do you share a computer with friends/family and worry they might find out you use The Mix?

    If you're worried about someone finding your account on The Mix by looking at your internet history or browser cookies, it might be a good idea to use private browsing.

    Private browsing is a special mode built into most browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari) that means you can surf the internet without leaving any record on the computer or device you're using. No history, no cookies, no saved passwords etc. In short, in means that after you close the browser, no-one who uses that computer/device after you can tell if you've been on The Mix.

    To find out how to start private browsing on your computer/device, head over to this page, which has instructions for most browsers.

    If someone tries to see your screen
    Have you ever been reading an article, writing a post or just browsing the boards when someone's tried to look over your shoulder to see what you're up to?

    If someone you don't want knowing about The Mix tries to see your screen, just press the 'Hide Page' button over on the right ->
    That will take you straight to Google
    We're Aife & Mike: the staff team here at The Mix.
    While we can't offer support via this account, if you have any questions about this place, feel free to
    ask over in the
    Help Desk or send us a private message.

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