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Vanilla features: have your say

As we move to our new boards software, Vanilla, we'll have a few new features at our disposal. We're keen to hear what you all think about them, so head here to have your say over how we'll use (or not use) some of the new features. Fill out the form before Wednesday the 21st to tell us your thoughts and have the option of joining our testing team!
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The Great Boards Migration

Great news! We're moving to new discussion boards software. Head here for the full announcement.
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Post of The Month

One-in-a-million is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Just a bit of fun here if you could create an advent calendar what would you put in it and why.

For me you would still get chocolate 😆😆
But inside each door is a task for the day. Something that includes you helping/talking to others, doing something festive and spreading Christmas cheer
For example

1. Tell your parents/carers you love them
2. Say hello when passing an OAP (that might be the only thing someone says to them all week)
3. Watch a Christmas movie
4. Help someone in need e.g put some spare change in a charity box, buy a warm drink for the homeless person who sits on the corner, dothe washing up ha ha ha😂
5 make hot chocolate
6. Visit your grandparents (if you donít already) They will more than likely love to see you.
7. Sing a Christmas song with a friend
8. Dress up in something Christmasy when you do your shopping.

You get the idea 😂😉 my reason for this is to get people in the mood and understand what Christmas actually means.

What would yours have and why."
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Here's my story...

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  • Here's my story...

    Hi my name is Aleena. I am 16 years old turning 17 in December. Lately, I have been dealing with depression for a couple of months. This month I wanted to cut myself but I decided not to. Then about a week ago I started cutting myself and made it a goal to do it once a day. The reason is not because of attention, because I wanted to try it and it was addicting. I never really saw myself as depressed and especially suicidal. One of the things people can't see is how I'm so depressed and yet a Christian. I don't know why but its something that God wants me to strengthen in. I've been a Christian for almost 2 years now. I thought I would be happier which I was until the world crept inside of me. It's really hard for people to see a Christian depressed or even suicidal and see it as rare. Well I'm one of those rare occurrences. It's been awhile with this its been getting worse in my head. Only you guys know and some of my close friends. Although, I know I need to tell my parents since they know what's best of me. I know that God is right next to me waiting for me, because he loves me. This depression has gotten the worst of me. It has affected my style of music and thoughts. I'm here on this site because a lot of people can relate to the addiction and pain. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Otherwise, thanks for reading.

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    Hey Aleena, and welcome to the community. Glad you found us.

    It's really brave of you to open up to us like you have. It sounds like you're going through an awful lot and have been on quite a journey recently, and hopefully during your time here we can be of some help and comfort. Feel free to start a thread over in our Health & Wellbeing forum if you'd like to talk about things a bit more. We also have some guidelines around talking about self-harm which might be worth a quick look.

    I'm Mike by the way, one of the moderators you'll see popping up here and there. See you around.

    Taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself.


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