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Support Circles on Sundays

Hey everyone,

We're going to be running support circles once a month on a Sunday! At the moment they run on Tuesdays, but for one of those Tuesdays, each month they will be running on a Sunday instead.

This next Sunday support circle will be on 26 November. If you'd like to come along, (sign up by completing the form here )
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Chatwee Update

Update - There's been some technical difficulties launching Chatwee onto our website so we will not be moving to Chatwee on Thursday.

As soon as we fix this issue, we'll announce another date for launching. We're really sorry for the delay in Chatwee, thanks so much for your patience.
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Post of The Month (September)

Maisy is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community for the following post:

"Hey Shaunie,

​I care. I really relate to what you have been experiencing with the house falling apart, and things not getting fixed due to general shame of the state of the house and not knowing where to begin fixing things or who to contact (you don't want to come across rogue tradesmen). Not even having adequate heating and hot water. And clutter. Everywhere. It's horrible to live in such circumstances, I know. It's hard as well when you see everyone else living a 'normal' life and yet being unable to talk about your situation."
(Click for full post )
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Registration Rules

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  • Registration Rules

    (Just as a reminder, these are the rules you signed up to when joining the discussion boards)

    Registration Rules:

    Registration to our Discussion Boards is free but we do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below.

    Although the administrators and moderators of The Mix boards will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, we cannot guarantee to review all messages.

    All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of The Mix boards or Jelsoft EnterprisesLimited (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

    By registering, you warrant that you have read and will abide by the following rules:

    Harassing, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, racist or otherwise unlawful posts are not permitted.

    The owners of The Mix boards have the right to remove, edit, move or close any threads or posts for any reason and without notice.

    Using these boards to post spam (unsolicited advertising) is not permitted. Anywhere, seriously, not even in profile 'webpage' links. We check and if an account is simply posting spam it'll be deleted.

    Links to inappropriate websites (hateful, defamatory or illegal) are not permitted.

    If you intend to post a message asking for help from users on projects, surveys or if you are a member of the press looking for people to contribute to articles or stories you must first obtain permission by contacting The Mix Staff.

    Quotes from other sources or sites must also include the URLs of where you found them.

    Anonymity is important on The Mix. If you know who someone is offline, or engage with them on other websites, keep their identity to yourself. There is also no need to mention users' online activity away from The Mix.

    You will respect the opinions of others. Just because you don't agree, it doesn't give you the right to make personal attacks on that person.

    We will ban people who continually refuse to work within these rules.

    - - - - - - -

    In addition to these rules there are individual guides to each forum as a sticky on the thread lists.

    You should also look at the Good Manners Guide, which explains some of the more 'unwritten rules' that have developed over time here.

    We also have a Moderation Policy, which explains the actions mods take encourage a welcoming and supporting environment.

    Questions/suggestions/corrections? Get in touch!
    We're Aife & Mike: the staff team here at The Mix.
    If you have any questions about this place, feel free to
    ask over in the
    Help Desk or send us a private message.

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