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  • AntiDote
    replied to Time for another ranty thread
    Grrrrrrr.....this idea certain people seem to have that if you're not 100% in favour of an idea/persecuted community/race/political party/issue etc then you're automatically it's enemy and 100% against it.

    And being a minority or persecuted group does not mean it can't ever be wrong/mistaken, or can't act in a negative way.
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  • Traditionally, a 'church' is a collective of people, not a building. Back in the days of when Christians were persecuted by the Romans they'd do all their praying etc inside and that evolved in to a church being though tof as a building.

    Being a Christian is about a relationship between Jesus and yourself. If you enjoy the fellowship of others they by all means go along to a church....
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