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  • nathyoo
    replied to Whatís up people ✌️
    Good to see you all, hope to catch you here and there
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  • Such a thought-provoking video!

    As someone with anxiety there have been plenty of occasions where I've taken the safer option, I've grown up being often judged - deep down I know being different is to be unique and be yourself, but I've never believed in myself to open up in a positive manner. Given me something to think about - after all, this is your only life!
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  • nathyoo
    replied to Intimacy issues
    Yo, just want to reassure you that thereís nothing wrong with being in the position you are. Itís nothing to be ashamed of in any way.

    I think that a lot of people around my age (19) have been influenced into having sex because ďitís coolĒ but not necessarily to someone they truly love. Iím a virgin, but thereís been recent times at college where I felt like itís because no one likes...
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  • nathyoo
    started a topic Whatís up people ✌️

    Whatís up people ✌️

    Hello fellow humans 😎

    As someone with social anxiety, Iíve never been able to loosen up in person and show off my true self, so I thought Iíd give this site a go to speak to other people without the kind of pressure Iíd sense in reality.

    Just to give a bit of info about me, my name is Nathan and Iím a 19 year old guy who is completely unsure of what path to take in...
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