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  • Hi PositiveAura,

    Thank you for your kind words; I feel almost as though there's always a barrier that he's putting up when we have discussions on sex or anything really. He's a black and white thinker, so anything I try to bring to the table, he jumps on the defence and thinks it's a negative and that I'm not happy with the relationship, regardless of me telling him otherwise.
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  • Hi Drea,

    Thanks for your reply; I have tried exploring what's going on and he's given various reasons at different time: his age, too much masturbation and now that he feels too awkward to instigate after going so long without. I'm the only one trying to get to the bottom of this and come up with solutions, so not only is it upsetting that I'm the only one bothered enough, but it's also...
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  • boomshakeshakeshake
    replied to "Damaged"
    Hi Who's That Girl,

    Firstly, no-one has the right to call you damaged. You've gone through a lot of changes in a short amount of time, and people react to this in different ways. You sound a lot like me personality-wise, and being shy doesn't mean that you don't know your own mind or can't stand up for yourself. So I would ignore what other people have to say about your past and your...
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  • boomshakeshakeshake
    started a topic Sexless relationship at 25

    Sexless relationship at 25

    I've been in a relationship with a guy (age 32) for just over 6 years now and the sex dropped off just over 3 years ago. I've always had a high sex drive, but so did he to start with. I would always instigate and get turned down, so my self-esteem nose-dived significantly. For ages, he just used the excuse that he was getting older and desired it less, but then he'd admit to pleasuring himself in...
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