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  • James
    replied to Moving on...
    Thanks again everyone!

    *'narnaMonkey* - hehe, I have updated it yep - entered the 21st century Best of luck with the new job as well! I hope it's a good kind of change

    ivyunderthestars - it has been a while since you were here last! Good to hear from you Best of luck to you too - the journey continues ever onwards!

    Jelly - thanks I'll see you around...
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  • James
    replied to Moving on...
    Aww thanks for the kind words everyone

    The Mix has always been a special place for me and you will still see me around from time to time

    Aidan / Mint choc chip converse, I actually got a new jumper pretty recently as a present. It's bright red though, so we'll see

    Shaunie, how about Peachy Moon Boot? (best I could think of )

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