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  • One-in-a-million
    started a topic Being groomed when I was 15....

    Being groomed when I was 15....

    So the actual experience of what happened didnít particularly effect me massively as I never let him bring me into a false sense of love. I however didnít block him for reasons I donít know why..

    So anyway what actually happened?
    I was 15 and had a messege from a man, lets call him Jack. He said he lived in ... and really liked my profile picture he asked to be friends on Facebook...
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  • One-in-a-million
    started a topic Unsecure warning on the mix

    Unsecure warning on the mix

    Hi guys, I went to login in my mobile and was given this message at the top of the screen (look at picture) at the top where the search bar is you can see it says ďwebsite unsecureĒ Iíve never seen this before and I did see a message on one of the boards saying about counterfeit money. Iím sure I donít need to tell anyone that these type of messages are scams!!!

    I went to report the...
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