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  • Hey there! Congrats on doing this, volunteering can be scary but you'll likely find it fun after a session or two and you know what you're doing!

    I've done volunteer work in schools too, though I wouldn't be sure it's anything similar to what you're doing. But schools are generally pretty nice about volunteers! So long as you have a DBS check anyway lol (and i kind of assume you do if...
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  • Heh, to me recovery is two fold...

    There isn't a cure for OCD, it'll never go away for me. But I can control it if i try, and to me, recovery is that: having ocd under control enough that I don't have to agonise for ages over things, that i don't need to spend more than 5 minutes checking the every door and window in the house before I leave it, skip uni cus i'm so anxious, refuse to...
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  • When an arguement becomes destructive, i think it comes from -a lack of ability to compromise -a lack of understanding -this human pettiness we all have to some extent where we devolve into insults when we're losing to take the conversation away from the "losing" side.

    So, i would say:
    -Think of how you (and your partner) can give some leeway, can compromise for each other,...
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  • Depends on what checking up is.

    I follow my best friends on all the media i can just beacuse we reference stuff we talk about on media platforms a lot, so someone can say in group chat "you kow x thing?" and i know x thing cus they retweeted it and such.

    Even browsing someones profile isn't necessarily bad, if it's only to find jokes you missed out on or to find...
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