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  • Thanks for answering my question Invisible_me,

    That info was good to know, and also that you got a diagnosis after arranging help, I wasnít sure if I could do that now that I am getting counselling. I would probably feel a bit awkward going back and asking, but thatís just me. Thanks again.

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  • Hi Rayofhope and Invisible_me, thanks for replying,

    I really appreciate your support and advice, Iím doing fine at the moment, just getting ready for prelims but Iíll probably put a post on here if I need help with anything.

    Two of the three GPs that I saw talked about the long waiting lists for NHS mental health treatment, which I completely understood and thatís why I...
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  • Hi everyone, thanks for all the replies,

    Iím so sorry I havenít been on lately, Iíve been really busy with studying for my prelims and had a lot of family stuff on over Christmas. Hope you all had a good Christmas!

    Iíve been seeing the counsellor I had emailed after I saw the GP that recommended counselling for a few weeks now, and I think they are fantastic, they understand...
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