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  • Laura12345
    replied to Beavement on 1/10/17
    Hi Aife. Yeah its quite hard to get over what's happened as it was so sudden and it is going to take a while to get used to things. not feeling too bad today thank you. I'll take a look of the article on the mix thanks. I don't feel I can open up with anyone about how I am feeling right now as I have so much on my mind that its hard to explain exactly what I'm feeling. things are slightly better right...
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  • Laura12345
    started a topic Beavement on 1/10/17

    Beavement on 1/10/17

    So to everyone out there last Sunday (1st Oct) in the early morning my sisters ex lost his dad and it has left a hole in my sisters life and my life as we were all extremely close to the family as my sister was with him for 2 years and his mum is the manager of the preschool that I help out at for years now.

    ​How can this become easier?
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  • Hi Meggles. Thanks for the reply. Yeh watching a sibling go to uni is challenging. Yeh ive been in contact with my sister. Glad to hear its ok to get emotional. yeh I will make plans for when we meet up with each other. Yeh sister is doing okay at uni, I'm not doing well this week too be honest PM if you can x...
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  • Hi Lals. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I didn't get the job unfortunately. we have been in contact regularly with my sister so its been not too bad although too be honest sometimes that makes things harder. yeh I`ve been helping out at the preschool to keep busy and its just looking after the children. yeh please let me know how Saturday goes I'm always here.

    ​Hi SunshineSoul. Thanks...
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  • Laura12345
    replied to Family relationship
    Hi PositiveAura
    This week has been going okay thanks
    ​Yeh its hard to know when is the right time to say something as I'm very hesitant right now
    ​yeh I felt I couldn't open up to them about my tattoos and piercings to start off with but they now know about them. yeh I've kept the pregnancy a secret but its come to a time when its noticeable so I've had to say something....
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  • Hi. I'm feeling okay about it right now but I do get times when I feel really emotional. I hope you will be okay on Saturday but always here if you need to chat. Yeah I have spoken to my sister and she has settled in well. it doesn't seem like she is missing me or the rest of the family too be honest, I certainly miss her. I been helping out at my local preschool to keep busy and I will be meeting...
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