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  • Distraction
    replied to Narcissist?
    It's me, her and my dad, other then my dad the only family I have left is her family, which would be a bit hard to trust incase they told her and I don't want her to think am going behind her back with her family, incase she thinks am trying to make her look bad or anything, I do have one friend am rather close to but u can only talk to them so much before it starts to get irritating, the only thing...
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  • Distraction
    replied to Narcissist?
    Hi Drea,

    Thank u for the suggestion, I really did try to talk to her awhile ago, she didn't want to hear it, I was told not to be so selfish and spoiled, that my attitude was out of order, I was very carful not to use any sort of tone and only lightly touched the subject after she calmed down a few days later I gave her a letter, explaining how I felt and also taking her feelings into...
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  • Distraction
    started a topic Narcissist?


    I think I live with a narcissist and am just so fed up of feeling like shit most of the time.

    If something doesn't go her way or something pisses her off, everyone has to know it, she slams doors, bashes pots about, stomps around like some child, she makes sure everyone feels as angry as she does and theres just no brake from it, you don't have an opinion, ur just a piece of shit on their...
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  • Distraction
    replied to The poem spot

    I remember phrases,
    From when I was wee,
    Of how I should be,
    And what was wrong with me.

    I remember being told,
    I was to be seen and unheard,
    For a child has no mind
    Upon this adult earth.

    These words didnít bother me,
    But what hurt was not mattering enough,
    For someone to know...
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