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  • Shaunie
    started a topic Dependency


    I think I'm dependent on a over the counter drug. It's costing me a lot each week. Ive tried lowing the dose back to the actual amount - suppose to take but it's not working and feel like i need to live on them. And like i need to take them and my body isn't responding to the actual amount. ??? Is that even possible they are just over the counter? What do i do?
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  • cewgz
    started a topic How much Mandy to take?? SECOND TIME

    How much Mandy to take?? SECOND TIME

    Ok so I took mandy for the first time in February. I had half a gram and bombed it. My mate measured everything out and i had 3 bombs, i took the first one at around 10, great come up felt great, cant really remember what time i took the second one - maybe around 12? I vomited foam about 20 minutes after taking it and then when inside the venue started hallucinating people wearing mesh over their...
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  • KaydenK
    started a topic Drinking out of control

    Drinking out of control

    Hello, so i have been drink binging to deal with my emotions and domestic abuse. Tomorrow i see my alcohol worker, im scared but wont let anyone belittle my issues, im at the point where im afraid i will just speak my mind.. to my alcohol worker, to anyone.. im sick of judgements. Ive drunk everyday for the past 2 years except hospital admissions.. ive drunk 2 bottles of 10.5% of wine tonight and...
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  • zaynah
    started a topic To drink or not to drink?

    To drink or not to drink?

    We all know drinking too much alcohol can make us into a Barney.

    Depressed? Pressurized? Or just having fun? I am sure we are all aware on the effects alcohol have on our health and self-image. Even I am aware of the causes of alcohol, as I open up my biology text book and I am thrown with all these long and short term causes of alcohol like Liver damage, Brain damage and
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  • Oncehopeless
    started a topic My experience as an addict

    My experience as an addict

    Hello. My name is (censored) and I would like to share my story of addiction, in the hopes that it can help someone else who is struggling, or know someone who is struggling, with addiction. Here is my story:
    At age 17, I had gotten my wisdom teeth pulled.

    The dentist gave me a prescription of painkillers to help with the pain that will follow. At first, I didn't really like them,...
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  • 1week after molly... Still feel horrible.. Need help

    1st time.. Friend Popped 2 pills for fun at a party not understanding the danger. 1 week ago. Today still not self... Body is buzzing, vision is off.. Full of anxiety... And scared that damaged myself forever.. Someone tell me this passes please!
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  • SimonSteveRogers
    started a topic I'm not sure what should I do.

    I'm not sure what should I do.

    Hi, my name is Simon. On 31st August I'll turn 16. I live in London, but I'm Polish. I ran away from my country because people didn't accept me the way I am (gay atheist). That's why I suspect I suffer from depression and anxiety. I live with my mother, sister, her fiance and her daughter. I feel like I'm only a problem for them. I drink, I smoke, I swear, although I'm a very good student and a nice...
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  • brad1987
    started a topic Zopiclone / sleeping tablets where can i get?

    Zopiclone / sleeping tablets where can i get?

    Ok, so those of you who take zopiclone, know that doctors are trying to cut down on giving out prescriptions for these sledping tablets, well my doctor stopped in a couple years ago, but i was able to order some online up until last year when they banned the import of them to the Uk!

    I am now struggling to find a decent legit site to buy them from, ive been told there are a few out there...
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  • Buying prescription drugs without a prescription

    According to the page below, it is illegal to buy prescription drugs without a prescription:

    However I can't find anywhere else that makes this claim. Its an offence to sell P drugs without a prescription, but not to buy them unless they are a controlled medicine e.g. morphine.

    Anyone know if it is legal or not?
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  • Joel
    started a topic I'm a little worried...

    I'm a little worried...

    Okay, so for a while now I've been drinking with my friends and stuff. But the past few months, it hasn't been just at parties and gatherings. It's been almost every day. I'm almost always either drunk or have a hangover. Let's put in some context.

    I have social anxiety, it's pretty bad. But, when I drink, I can talk to people. I can have fun and have a good time. I can be a normal friend....
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  • Friday night - concerns about friend smoking

    Hi guys, me and a couple other friends went up friends house on Friday one of them being my best friend. Everything was fine until they went out for a fag. I don't smoke and never have and up until that night I had no idea my best friend had started. Now if it was just an ordinary fag (tobacco) I would have been slightly shocked but thought nothing of it. But they were smoking weed. I can't be believe...
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  • Recent government change to male weekly alcohol limit

    Yes, I knew about the change
    No, I didn't know about the change
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    Hey all

    So, the government recently released new guidelines around the weekly alcohol limit for males. The new guideline is the same as the maximum for females - 14 units (find out more here in The Guardian's article:

    I was wondering two things...

    Firstly, has this changed your attitude towards alcohol at all?...
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  • butterfly123
    started a topic Struggling with alcohol

    Struggling with alcohol


    I'm struggling a lot lately. I know I'm getting professional help but I'm beyond exhausted and I kind of want to draw back from everything. I know "recovery" is probably what's exhausting me but honestly, it feels as though I've gotten nowhere with it and if recovery is going to be this hard then what the hell is the point when I'm making no progress whatsoever?
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  • Danny!
    started a topic An app to help you manage drinking?

    An app to help you manage drinking?

    Has anyone come across Drink Coach?

    It's an app to support people in managing and reducing the amount of alcohol they drink. Features include a drinks tracker where you can keep a diary of how much you're drinking and spending, a goal setting area, and mindfulness videos. It's a bit like the calorie counting fitness apps, but for alcohol.

    What do you think? Can apps like...
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  • butterfly123
    started a topic Drinking.


    I remember making a thread about alcohol a while back when I was drinking to feel merry but stopping myself from getting drunk. I don't know how long it has been since then but I'm so reliant on alcohol right now - I want to feel merry, I want to feel confident, most importantly I want to forget.

    Drinking makes me happy but it has never made me forget. It eases the thoughts for a while...
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