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  • kitty_kat27
    started a topic Messed up

    Messed up

    I apologise for the rant, but I need to get it off my chest.

    Too cut a long story short I had a s***childhood. As a teacher now I don't see how my mum pulled the wool over so many peoples eyes for so long. I don't speak to my mum or dad. Dad since I was 2 as he was a shit father and violent, my mum since I was 17 as she kicked me out and is border line pysychotic. (She refused to agree...
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  • Jellyelephant
    started a topic Living with mum

    Living with mum

    I cant cope living with my mum anymore she doesnt understand me and gets mad when i start showing symtpoms of my mental illness. I used to live on my own and I wish I still did because its overwhelming having to be around someone else every day especially when theyre not understanding.
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  • Burrellieee
    started a topic Help


    So my dad's girlfriend keeps overdosing and when she has a temper she's quite violent. I have a little brother that's aged 11. We are both affected as well as my dad. Where should I go to seek help?
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  • Abigail
    started a topic Losing someone.

    Losing someone.

    ​I don't expect you to respond to thins but if you want to, thank you in advance.

    ​Recently some of you might of noticed I haven't been to well, talking to mods and using the services as its meant to be used. I think I have I bit of explaining to do.
    ​4 years ago today one of my teachers sons lost his life in a road traffic accident, I have known his...
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  • Anon23
    started a topic Is my mom a narcissist?

    Is my mom a narcissist?

    My mum treats me like an outcast. My half sister has a daughter, my niece and one day she said to my auntie "isnt it nice when its their actual own grandkids" meaning my niece is my step dads actual grandchild. Even though I know he loves us all equally.
    My mum has said she wishes I would drive because shes sick of worrying what my step dads family think of me and her side of the family.*...
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  • Shaunie
    started a topic Family stress

    Family stress

    This is pretty long so im not sure anyone will read it - let alone know what to say or how to help. But if anyone does. it will be much appreciated (:

    I am hating my home life and family life so so much right now and making me so depressed. Everyone is constantly aruging and i dunno if i am the problem or what or if i am in the wrong. And all just a bit of a mess

    The situation...
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  • Emotionally abusive home and student loans?

    My mother is a narcissist - behaves like she has a personality disorder - and has my only (older)sibling spying on me and they both treat me in the same way. My sister blames me for our mum's reactions to me. They gossip about me, spread things about me regardless if there's any truth in it, they both put me down constantly, invalidate me and tell people I'm the one with problems and act as though...
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  • ShatteredSecrets
    started a topic Fat Fat Fat

    Fat Fat Fat


    Basically I have been having this issue for a very long time and just don't know what to do about it. I first started worrying about my weight at around aged 5. I always felt different. Disgusting. Ugly. I can even look at photos from when I was that age and be disgusted. This was also the age when things started to change. From then on my weight was always an issue within my family....
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  • Syrup
    started a topic Marriage dilemma

    Marriage dilemma

    I am recently engaged to my partner of 7 years. I want to get married in March 14, a small vintage style wedding.
    My brother is currently serving a prison sentence for death by dangerous driving. He got 21 months with time off for good behaviour. I would expect him to be out before the wedding but not sure.
    Mum was originally ok with the idea but has now sprung the fact...
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  • AliceF
    started a topic Family.



    its more complicated that we think.
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