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  • Is this something to be embarrassed about?

    So, one thing that I will never fully understand is this feeling of embarrassment when I want to talk about anything to do with my mental health. Maybe it's because people perceive those with mental health as 'crazy people' or people they can't control? Or maybe I feel like I'm just being an attention-seeker and really I'm just hormonal?

    It drives me insane not being able to speak to...
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  • Meg40996
    started a topic Universal Credit and the Jobcentre

    Universal Credit and the Jobcentre

    Okay, so I always heard that the jobcentre was a hellhole. Getting job seekers was a full time, difficult task that I was reluctant to take on, as I was told to get the money I needed I had to spend 35 hours a week looking for work.

    Well, 2 weeks after I started claiming Universal Credit (that replaces jobseekers in some areas now) I got interviewed for a catering position at the local...
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  • Meg40996
    started a topic Struggling to make friends

    Struggling to make friends

    Due to an abusive relationship that only in the last 8 months ended, I lost contact with pretty much everyone I knew because I wasn't allowed to talk to them or made to feel bad/ guilty if I did. I spent those 3 years in a very bad place, because of that I struggle a lot to talk to people. I managed to get back in contact with 2 of the people I lost. Problem is that one lives in Canada, the other...
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  • Anxiety from a past relationship ruining my new one

    I spent nearly 3 years in an emotionally abusive relationship with someone who would cheat, lie and break promises on almost a daily basis. I stayed because I was scared to be alone and lose all my friends. Through this, I developed severe anxiety and became very depressed. When he was out at any time I'd obsess over over it, worrying that he'd be doing something bad (I was usually right). I'd have...
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  • Meggles
    started a topic Orange is the new black

    Orange is the new black

    Is anyone else extremely excited for orange and the new black return next friday?!
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  • The time of the month would you help?

    No it's gross should be kept to yourself
    It's totally natural and nothing to be ashamed off
    Yes I would give someone a pad/tampon if they asked
    No I wouldn't give someone a pad/tampon if they asked
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    So I was just watching a pretty funny video on Facebook. Basically there were 3 girls one said "oh no I got my period anyone got a tampon?" A group of people next to them complained and then it burst into song (I got that flow😂

    Anyway it got me thinking, to me and my friends it's just nature and we talk about it like it's nothing.
    But it was around this time last...
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  • Meggles
    started a topic Good TV series?

    Good TV series?

    Anyone know any decent TV series I can binge watch while I recover from the past week of medical shit.
    Preferably netflix
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  • Aidan
    started a topic Film Club- Week 1: Lilo and Stitch

    Film Club- Week 1: Lilo and Stitch

    So, like most stuff from the 80's, film club is getting a reboot! And I'm at the helm for whatever reason, but don't panic! I have 13 GCSE's.

    So, Lilo and Stitch (the first film I ever saw in a cinema ever coincidentally), what did we think?

    (I know I said I'd do this later, but I've got urgent stuff to do later, sorry)
    :' (
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  • Film Club, which film should we start with? Start date Saturday 8th April 2017

    The little mermaid
    Lion King
    Lilo and Stitch
    Beauty and the beast

    The poll is expired.

    Hey everyone

    So... Film club is happening, next Saturday it will start.

    I am going to make a poll on this thread to see what film you all want to watch. I'll be keeping an eye on the poll and then at some point during the week I'll let you all know that film we will be discussing and then on Saturday we can start the film club, by discussing the film that you've all...
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  • Robert
    started a topic Homelessness


    Why are the vast majority of homeless rough sleepers single men? Are they discriminated against in regard to housing - or perhaps in general? It can't be coincidence that very few women and couples are sleeping rough. How is being a single man a major risk factor for becoming homeless? How does being attached and/or female act as a protective factor against becoming homeless? Millions of people claim...
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  • ablemajor
    started a topic What's it like in Dublin?

    What's it like in Dublin?

    is it safe? Would I get beaten up, since i'm not a white person?
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  • have trouble with eating and feeling with gaining weight????????

    soooo.....basically, I have trouble eating a lot, and I feel sick often - even after eating a small amount. I want to try to gain weight (even though I hate gaining weight, even the thought of it) and get up to around 8st (my boyfriend also advised that too. I am 5 foot 1", 18 years old, and around 7st 6lbs. A few weeks ago I was told I was underweight at the doctors (was around 6st 10lbs). At...
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  • Tasha
    started a topic UK Blog Awards 2017

    UK Blog Awards 2017

    Hey everyone,

    I've been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2017 in the Lifestyle Category.

    Feel free to check out my blog via and if you like it I would really appreciate your vote

    Thank you!...
    Natasha Bolger Media commenced in August 2015 a month after I graduated. I am a 22-year-old Blogger, Contributing Writer, and Marketing Assistant from Salford, Manchester. This blog shares 'Reflections of Life and Everything Else' and aims to inspire at least one person with each blog post.
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  • Organic September - Are you doing anything for it?

    Since we are in Organic September, I thought I would ask you all if you are doing anything for it?

    Do you eat organically? Do you use organic products in your home?

    I wasn't aware of this awareness event until a couple of days ago so it would be even more interesting to hear everybody's views.

    You can read more here....
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  • **helen**
    started a topic Instagems


    I'm pretty sure we've got a fair few Instagram fans around these parts...

    I've got a mini sharing challenge to help people find more pics/accounts that motivate and inspire.

    So the task is to share

    1) Share an account that boosts your mood

    2) Share an account that fascinates/impresses you

    3) Share an account that makes you laugh
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