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    started a topic Your opinion ?

    Your opinion ?

    I've never wrote on a forum before, though I have read my fair share. I'm just here as id like your guys opinion on something. For about a year and a half I havnt been feeling mentally well, my memory of when I was a kid is really bad and secondary school was really bad due to the toxic people who went there. So I don't really remember a time where I was happy, in fact I often question if I know what...
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  • Is it weird for me to dream about Canada?

    By dream, I don't just mean 'dream' as in I have an aspiration to move to and live in Canada, but 'dream' as in dreams I have at night while I sleep. In the past, I've dreamt about visiting Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax. I even had a dream about visiting Calgary once, which I remember vividly as I saw the blue prairie skies, mountains and the red Calgary Tower.

    I've been madly in love...
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  • Abigail
    started a topic Music


    Anyone who doesn't know, I am a music student (Clarinet, piano and vocalist) and I really wanted to share a few song that mean a lot to me as musicians also sharing some of the hidden meaning behind songs.

    I will start of with on of Aife favourite songs, The Fight Song by Rachel Plattern, Rachel struggles to write this song it took over 11 years to write and she based it off how hard...
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  • LaneBoi
    started a topic I need you!

    I need you!

    Hello my lovely lovely boardies!
    i'm making some leaflets and posters about the mix and the support this inspiring community offers, to put around my college. i'm getting started but would love a hand on positive stories.

    how has the mix helped you? where would you be without it? How do you think it will help others in times of need?
    overall I would love to...
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  • Sam123
    started a topic Question about alcohol addiction

    Question about alcohol addiction

    Content warnings/trigger warnings: this post discusses alcohol addiction, suicide, overdose, trauma, self harm, purging, weight concerns, anxiety and insomnia.


    I stopped drinking two years ago. I am trying to figure out if I had an alcohol problem at an earlier point in my life. I want to know this because Iím not sure what language to use to describe my experience...
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  • Shaunie
    started a topic Lacking energy and concentration

    Lacking energy and concentration

    Im lacking so much energy and concentration. I really dunno what to do anymore i cant be bothered with life.
    But its more specifically speakig to people. Is really overwhelming. It honesty feels like it takes all of my energy and effort to listen to people, let alone to form words. Its making me into such an anrgy person to be around with and all i want is to be left alone. But even that i...
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  • Aidan
    started a topic Loneliness


    Hey everyone,

    I'm just a very lonely person in general. I don't make friends for long, and I've never had a really close friend, not in real life anyway. (they're not imaginary, it was just a long distance thing)

    I started college about 3 weeks ago and I haven't really made friends, and the whole experience is just so overwhelming for me. Everyone already has their own little...
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  • novocaine9
    started a topic Breaking down

    Breaking down

    Ok, so i've been through almost all of the medicines there is for hallucinations and delusions. But none of them work completely. What I mean is they work for a second, and then it adapts to the meds and doesn't work anymore. My psychiatrist doesn't even know how bad it is. He thinks I can function like any normal person when really I'm having a tough time. I am diagnosed with schizophrenia, anxiety,...
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  • I imagine people and talk to them continuously - do I have a mental illness?

    I don't know when it first started but for as long as I can remember I have talked to people "inside my head", so to speak. When I was in elementary school I would often imagine people I liked, maybe boys I had crushes on etc. Whenever I was alone home or just wherever I would imagine them being with me and had conversations with them. As I grew older the people I would imagine often changed,...
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  • Stormy93
    started a topic Hate myself

    Hate myself


    I find this really hard to say but I had a bad day yesterday which ended in me nearly killing myself. I hate everything about myself and my life. I feel like everyone hates me and I have ruined everything. I always come up with negatives about myself never anything positive.

    I have been low for ages as I have an appointment on Tuesday with a psychologist which I'm really...
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  • Cora Legis
    started a topic Uncertainty About Own Mental Health

    Uncertainty About Own Mental Health

    Note: Sorry, I don't know if this will be formatted correctly when I post it; I'm new to the site so please forgive me if I mess up formatting.

    I'm seventeen, I live in the UK. I have Asperger's Syndrome and have discussed the possibility I have ADD with my GP, though that was largely inconclusive. I struggle to remember and focus on schoolwork, and I rely on my parents a lot for organisation....
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  • Lilly88
    started a topic Spiralling out of control

    Spiralling out of control

    I don't know whats wrong with me. I feel down every day, I don't want to interact with anyone and I spend my days in the corner of the school library, I have great friends who I love to pieces but social interaction just doesn't interest me anymore to such a degree that I am dreading spending time with people and have to constantly force a smile on my face - I just can't seem to cheer myself up. I...
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  • Esme17
    started a topic Worried about my friend

    Worried about my friend

    I am really worried about one of my friends and dont know what to do to help her?
    She has been really distancing herself recently from people and not coming training anymore. Yesterday she was messaging me about not feeling worth anything and how she feels she doesn't fit in because she isn't skinny like everyone else.
    It might sound like nothing but i am really scared because i lost a...
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  • JerseyGirl26
    started a topic Good for nothing but sex.

    Good for nothing but sex.

    So, this is my first post. My life at the moment is just a mess. This last month, everything I had to look forward to has shattered to piece right in front of my face.

    So, I've been with my boyfriend let's call him (Lee) for 2 and a half years. We've been through a lot. I had some female medical issues at the beginning which he stayed with me through. I later miscarried our baby and...
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  • Anxiety from a past relationship ruining my new one

    I spent nearly 3 years in an emotionally abusive relationship with someone who would cheat, lie and break promises on almost a daily basis. I stayed because I was scared to be alone and lose all my friends. Through this, I developed severe anxiety and became very depressed. When he was out at any time I'd obsess over over it, worrying that he'd be doing something bad (I was usually right). I'd have...
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