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  • Abigail
    started a topic Music


    Anyone who doesn't know, I am a music student (Clarinet, piano and vocalist) and I really wanted to share a few song that mean a lot to me as musicians also sharing some of the hidden meaning behind songs.

    I will start of with on of Aife favourite songs, The Fight Song by Rachel Plattern, Rachel struggles to write this song it took over 11 years to write and she based it off how hard...
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  • Laura12345
    started a topic Beavement on 1/10/17

    Beavement on 1/10/17

    So to everyone out there last Sunday (1st Oct) in the early morning my sisters ex lost his dad and it has left a hole in my sisters life and my life as we were all extremely close to the family as my sister was with him for 2 years and his mum is the manager of the preschool that I help out at for years now.

    ​How can this become easier?
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  • Anon23
    started a topic Is my mom a narcissist?

    Is my mom a narcissist?

    My mum treats me like an outcast. My half sister has a daughter, my niece and one day she said to my auntie "isnt it nice when its their actual own grandkids" meaning my niece is my step dads actual grandchild. Even though I know he loves us all equally.
    My mum has said she wishes I would drive because shes sick of worrying what my step dads family think of me and her side of the family.*...
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  • Esme17
    started a topic It’s all my fault

    It’s all my fault

    So next Thursday will be three years since the death of one of my best friends and I am still struggling to get over her death and understand why she did it. I still kind of feel responsible for it and that I should have done more to help.
    The amount of people who have told me to “just get over it” and that “she is dead now so there is no point in crying” is unreal and just makes me feel like...
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  • I'm in love with a woman but I think she is straight

    Hi everyone!

    It is honestly the first time I seek advice/help from an online board but I am really desperate. After many long years of not admitting to myself that yes, I'm into women, I have finally reached a point in my life (and have a healthy environment) that I have accepted who I am and I feel free to express it. And because life is hard and enjoys kicking you when you're about...
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  • Stormy93
    started a topic Some advice

    Some advice

    I just don't know what to do tbh. I think this lad like me but I part of me thinks he doesn't and it is just a game/ playing with my feelings as I had this done back in March up until middle of June by a different lad which it was horrible and creepy.

    This is what happens when he sees me: always smiles, laugh's at what I say, says take care, looks to see where I am, always listen's to...
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  • Types of cheating - which do you think is worse?

    Hey everyone,

    Research has found that men are more jealous of sexual cheating and women of emotional cheating. Men can be less forgiving towards their female partner when it comes to sexual cheating, whereas women are more jealous about the emotional attachment that may result from their partners cheating on them. Which do you think is worse and why?

    Look forward to hearing...
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  • Shaunie
    started a topic Shyness and stuttering

    Shyness and stuttering

    Hate myself. Keep stuttering and is embarrassing. Dunno if other people are thinking wtf is wrong with you. Or what. But would like to know if other people find it awkward ?if others are stuttering ? and just want others opinions

    I have diagnosis of social anxiety but i dunno if its the same as shyness. Cause shyness is a type of anxiety really? I dunno i have many internal conversations...
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  • Cora Legis
    started a topic Uncertainty About Own Mental Health

    Uncertainty About Own Mental Health

    Note: Sorry, I don't know if this will be formatted correctly when I post it; I'm new to the site so please forgive me if I mess up formatting.

    I'm seventeen, I live in the UK. I have Asperger's Syndrome and have discussed the possibility I have ADD with my GP, though that was largely inconclusive. I struggle to remember and focus on schoolwork, and I rely on my parents a lot for organisation....
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  • Shaunie
    started a topic Family stress

    Family stress

    This is pretty long so im not sure anyone will read it - let alone know what to say or how to help. But if anyone does. it will be much appreciated (:

    I am hating my home life and family life so so much right now and making me so depressed. Everyone is constantly aruging and i dunno if i am the problem or what or if i am in the wrong. And all just a bit of a mess

    The situation...
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  • Emotionally abusive home and student loans?

    My mother is a narcissist - behaves like she has a personality disorder - and has my only (older)sibling spying on me and they both treat me in the same way. My sister blames me for our mum's reactions to me. They gossip about me, spread things about me regardless if there's any truth in it, they both put me down constantly, invalidate me and tell people I'm the one with problems and act as though...
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  • Cookieshan
    started a topic Intimacy issues

    Intimacy issues

    I'm 21 and still haven't hadone sex. It's something I am very self conscious of and embarrassed about but anytime I get close enough people always just run away.

    They don't give me a chance to tell the full story. I suffer with anxiety and it especially flairs up in intimate situations and I always talk myself out of it and avoid meeting people out of embarrament.

    I don't...
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  • How do you overcome commitment-phobia when dating?

    For some people, relationships can feel natural and easy. However, for some others, relationships are not so easy. Relationships can be a challenge and some people can have relationship anxiety, a fear of relationships, or suffer from “commitment-phobia.” Research has found that people with a commitment phobia long and want a long-term connection with another person, but their...
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  • Gossip - Healthy socialising or a bad trait?

    Hey guys

    I've spent a while at university now, and with that has come new experiences - living with friends, having very close bonds with people and having many opportunities to talk to new people are some examples. However, a natural result of this is increased opportunity to gossip, which appears to be a very popular indulgence.

    Gossiping - the act of talking about...
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  • Abigail
    started a topic No way can i continue like this

    No way can i continue like this

    Hi everyone

    Its hard for me to type this but I'm struggling.* I can't balance everything thats going on at the moment. Results day, caring, people and even simple things like seeing family im struggling to do.
    Saw my brother today, its been over a year since i last saw him. Is it bad to say that i could walk past my brother in the street and not even know who he was?
    Am i...
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