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  • RoseGarden
    started a topic I keep thinking people are talking about me

    I keep thinking people are talking about me

    Im in high School and every time i get something wrong everyone starts making a big deal out of it then when they start saying things that I'm dumb and that they are smarter than me so when i ignore them i hear voices in my head telling me I'm thick and a looser and I'm stupid and I always feel that people are talking about me behind my back that they actually hate me. I'm too scared to tell my mum...
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  • HannahMarie
    started a topic Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

    Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

    Hey guys!

    Unfortunately, I'm now going into Year 13 (Scary stuff) and the time has come to start making decisions about scary future things and my EPQ title. For those of you who don't know, Extended Project is a qualification run by AQA and OCR where you have to write a 5,000 word report or make a 'product' and write a 1,000 word report (It's basically a mini dissertation, Uni's LOVE
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  • katie.g
    started a topic Anxiety in the school!

    Anxiety in the school!

    I have suffered with anxiety since i was young and this means that i went through school with it. I just think that there isn't enough awareness of anxiety in out society but specifically in schools. Having anxiety in the school environment nearly sent me mad! Everyone thinks your either rude, a freak or melodramatic. I'm not saying that we should pander to people with anxiety as i've found that it's...
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