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The Mix is working in partnership with Capital One because we share the belief that with personal as well as professional development, young people have the potential to add significant value to a constantly evolving UK job market.

The Mix and Capital One formed a four year partnership in 2012, with the joint aim of improving the employment prospects of young people in the UK.

Thanks to our partnership with Capital One, The Mix is able to focus on developing vital information and support to help our users get the skills and confidence they need to tackle the world of work.

With Capital One’s help we’ve created new information content about finding and choosing a job, getting the right qualifications and surviving working life. We’ve also redesigned The Mix, so it provides even better support and can reach more young people.

Brian Cole, Managing Director of Capital One, says: “As a leading UK employer, we are particularly excited to be supporting The Mix’s employability programme. We are committed to supporting young people and share the belief that the best way to do so is to take a holistic approach, supporting them to develop personally as well as professionally, gaining a sense of identity and purpose, aspirations and confidence for their future. We have a collective responsibility to support the next generation and we can do more by working together.”

How will The Mix’s relationship with Capital One affect your editorial?

Our editorial policy is to ensure our websites are free from commercial control and advertising. Our relationship with Capital One won’t change this.

All of our information is created by journalists who use their skills to dig out the most up-to-date facts. We aim to give you the truth, not spin or hype.

Though we partner with many different types of organisation,  you can be confident that the information on The Mix is free from commercial or government influence of any kind.

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