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My girlfriend is dealing with anxiety

My girlfriend has anxiety and she warned me that this could affect our relationship, but now I've handled things the wrong way and messed up everything. Read More

My ex-girlfriend tried to commit suicide.

This is real life event that happened to me when I was only 8 years old. Read More

My BF and our mental health

My boyfriend and I both have depression, but together we are pulling through Read More

Depression and anxiety affecting my relationship

Depression and anxiety affecting my relationship Read More

I messed up and I can't let it go

So this isn't about everything I have been through with relationships, but one in particular that I just can't let go of. Read More

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I’m straight but something happened between me and a gay friend

Something happened between me and a mate (who is gay) but I’m straight. Read More


I'm in a long term relationship but my head is somewhere else. Read More

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Loving my boyfriend AND his depression

Amanda tells us how she copes with her boyfriend's depression. Read More

It's not always one side...

Me and my boyfriend have OSDD-1 and psychosis, respectively, amongst other disorders. Sometimes we struggle to see eye-to-eye, but generally we manage to be a better leaning post for each other than anyone else we… Read More

Don't be fooled dudes!

Love is a risky business, be careful not to get your heart broken Read More

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