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Moving out: can you afford it?

Moving out: can you afford it? Strategies for affordable student living Read More

What would I change for the world?

What would I change for the world? Donald Trump Read More


My Life

I'm 15 years old. I was born in a Portuguese family. I have a few months until I leave year 11. I'm a dancer and I'm an ambitious person. Read More


Top Items for School Survival!

High school, university and college can be very difficult - especially if you don't feel prepared! Sometimes it takes a weight off to be able to relax, knowing you're prepared. Read More

The dark woods


I love to take pictures in my spare time, it makes me extremely happy, this photo is my favourite. Read More

The Glasgow Student Survival Kit

I’m very experienced in being a student. To begin with, I was one for a number of years, but more so in that even when I stopped being a student, I got to continue working… Read More

My Family

No one's perfect. No family's perfect. My family's definitely not. Read More

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