Forget Where's Wally... Where's Everything?!


I feel like a child again, I moved only last week and already I'm bumping into furniture that keeps being shifted around, trying to remember not to head back to my old house when I go "home" and have the painful job of figuring out which box everything's been packed in.

where's wally scene

So I moved. Last week. For the first time. In my life.


I'm really trying to be enthusiastic. Truth is- it's pretty scary. Everyone's always got differing opinions on moving. Some move every 6 months and practically live out of a suitcase and others never move. I was, one of the latter. I don't like change. So, moving was a pretty big deal for me and something I'm going to have to get used to.

It's been a long time coming but still doesn't seen quite real. At the moment, I'm still counting all the little things: first pizza, first weekend, first rainy day. Even though it's so recent, it feels somehow like my old life and old home was just a dream, it doesn't seem quite real either.

I'm stuck in No man's Land.

I don't know where anything is and I keep waking up in the middle of the night and walking into walls. It's pretty pathetic really.

But, despite its annoyances, I could actually get used to it! I know- I've gone from not liking change to embracing it, in a matter of paragraphs. I think I'm starting to see it as a bit of an adventure- that's helping a lot! I'm still discovering the local area, the neighbours (I used to live in the middle of nowhere so they're new!) and I suppose I feel like a child again. A bit incapable, a bit clumsy, but at least I'm having fun!

So, to all of you out there who are apprehensive about moving- just take it in your stride! Mind over matter! Take each challenge as it comes and see the opportunities it brings (sounds cheesy I know!)

Make the most of your time at your old house with your friends and family- maybe compile some of your best memories into a photo album or video.Whatever you do, try to keep those memories alive and vivid for when you want to reminisce.

On a more practical note though, learn from my mistakes-
when you're packing... LABEL ALL YOUR BOXES!

After 3 weeks of next to no sleep, believe me, you won't remember where that really important folder with your killer essay is, even though you put it in a "reeeeally safe place!"

It's like Where's Wally without the fun. Oh and, if your boxes aren't labelled- then he's not even wearing his tell-tale red and white stripes! Your choice!

Published on 29-Mar-2016

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