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Motimator is the best way to get the career you want, by giving you the kick-up-the-arse you need to make it happen.Every day Motimator offers you a mixture of expert tips and motivational advice to help your search for a better career. Whether you’re looking for your first ever job, want to get promoted, or crave a new role entirely, Motimator will help you make it happen.

Your motivational ‘mate’ makes career goals more manageable by breaking them down, and offers you daily encouragement and advice to keep the job-seeking blues at bay.

Just pick a goal, give it a deadline and your very own mate will guide you there – building your confidence and helping stop all that procrastination along the way.

Motimator can help you with the following:

Writing a CV that actually gets you a job / Finding the good jobs – or any job, if that’s what you need / Prepping you for your first interview/ Keeping the job seeking blues at bay when you’re unemployed /Working out what the hell you want to do with your life / Writing a covering letter that won’t get ignored / Decoding tricksy job application forms / Asking for that pay rise / Networking without all the cringe / Becoming a freelancer or going self employed / Starting your own business / Quitting your job in style / Coping with redundancy/ Nailing your first day on the job /Finding a temp job that doesn’t make you want to claw your eyeballs out/ Tuning your hobby into your job / New goals are constantly added. The mates never get tired of helping you!

Features/ Benefits:

  • Motivates you to actually change things: Motimator helps you to stop talking about how you want your career to change, and actually helps you start changing it – by sending your daily messages of encouragement to make sure you stay on course.
  • Gives you expert tips on how to achieve your career goals: Motimator gives you all the expert advice and tips you need to get where you want to be.
  • Makes it all seem easy – Motimator breaks down overwhelming goals into daily bite-sized ones, making even the biggest dreams achievable. Giving you time to still have some fun!
  • Helps you bounce back from setbacks: Motimator is your very own personal cheerleader, giving you the confidence to stay upbeat through the bad job-hunting times.
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd: In an ever-increasing competitive job market, Motmator’s insider tips can help you break into the industry of your choice.
  • You’re never alone: Motimator is linked to – the UK’s trusted information and support site for young people; which features thousands of advice articles and videos, multiple live chats with experts and a thriving community, all there to help
  • Add your own mate: Personalise Motimatr by uploading your own image (someone or something that inspires you) to help give you that extra kick-up-the-arse to achieve your goals.


How Motimator was made:

Motimator is designed to help young people achieve their career and employment goals. The tips and hints in Motimator are taken from, the UK’s trusted information source for young people and, the work experience and skills platform brought to you by O2 and Bauer Media.

Motimator was designed and developed by a group of young job-seekers recruited through Young people were supported by the charity YouthNet, O2 employees and the GoThinkBig team to create an app to motivate and support young job seekers on their journey to employment.



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Updated on 12-Nov-2014

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