How to cure a hangover

Most of us kill for a good night out, and then we want to be killed the morning after. Hangovers are a tale as old as time, and often end with you showing up to your mates with HUGE sunglasses to shade yourself from the blinding light. But there’s still hope. You CAN get rid of those random sunglasses in winter and wake up feeling fresh. Here’s how to cure a hangover.

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10 top tips for the best hangover cures

These hangover remedies have all been known to help lessen the effects of alcohol and even prevent a hangover from happening. ‘Friends’ of The Mix have kindly trialled some hangover cures, for scientific purposes only, of course. So without further ado, here’s how to cure a hangover…

  1. A paracetamol washed down with fruit juice, a bit of toast, then a walk in the fresh air. This can help settle your stomach and help you get your blood sugar levels up. 
  2. Phone in sick, then stay in bed until Love Island comes on. Just be sure to regularly drink (water, not alcohol!).
  3. Brew a big pot and drink the coffee. It might leave you more dehydrated, but goddamn, it feels like the right thing to do! Plus it’s semi-anti-inflammatory, so it does kinda do some good. 
  4. Marmite and toast, washed down with a Berocca (a vitamin supplement taken in fizzy water form). The vitamin helps to replace lost nutrients from chunning last night.
  5. A big greasy fry-up. Get beyond the first mouthful, you’re home and dry.
  6. Two pints of water sipped over the course of an hour, followed by a little lie down and then vigorous exercise like a run or a swim. Or sex.
  7. You might just need to puke some more and chill out until your blood alcohol level is back to normal. Our advice: sit back and nature take its course.
  8. An hour-long shower, letting the hot tank slowly drain until the cold kicks in. It avoids the shock (if not the shivers afterwards).
  9. Bananas. Packed with vitamins and easy to get down without gagging.
  10. How to cure a hangover in the simplest way possible? Pure oxygen. Airline pilots swear by it. Which is reassuring to know when you’re 30,000 feet up and the man up front is trying hard not to chun his breakfast all over the altimeter. We are, of course, joking pilots don’t drink and fly – they’re having too much fun messing around with the intercom for that!

Bonus: Honestly, the best hangover cure of all time is to AVOID a hangover all together by knowing your limits.

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By Nishika Melwani

Updated on 10-Aug-2021