Can you mix painkillers?

What are the effects of mixing the painkillers Percocet and Ibuprofen?

Mixing painkillers safely

It’s often confusing to know when it’s safe to take more than one medication at a time. But we’re gonna try and walk you through long term painkiller use . 

The short answer is it isn’t safe to mix Percocet and Ibuprofen. Both drugs are used to relieve pain and have their own specific effect (and side effects) on the body. You shouldn’t mess with painkillers on your own. Your local chemist can ensure you are safe and don’t experience withdrawal symptoms or suffer a painkiller addiction . That’s probably our number one advice to be honest. Just talk to your GP or chemist. If you try and DIY it, things could go seriously wrong and you could end up being physically dependent on the stuff.

The problem with mixing these drugs is that you can magnify or decrease the effect of either drug. This could lead to overdose or a reduction in the effectiveness of the pain relief. Since medications like these are OTC or prescription painkillers, people often assume that they’re not dangerous. But this is only true if you were told to take medication for a specific illness and used it according to the directions of your local doctor (GP) and chemist. In fact, these drugs are probably some of the most commonly abused because of their easy access. 

If you think that the medication you’re taking is not meeting your needs in terms of controlling chronic pain, for example, you should consult your GP immediately. The NHS also have a new helpline: 111, that can give you further advice.

How to deal with addiction

It’s important to flag up addiction, especially when it comes to prescription pills. If you feel, or see anyone exhibiting, any signs and symptoms of drug abuse, please ask for help. Painkiller addiction is a serious issue that can affect the lives of multiple people, not just the addict. Reaching out to a charity like FRANK is a really good first step. They can help you find a treatment programme and get the addiction treatment you, or someone you love, desperately needs. Don’t forget – we’re also here on our confidential support services.So feel free to contact us at any time of day. 

If you want more information on addiction, just click here. 

Answered by Addaction on 05-Jun-2014

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