What are the long-term effects of inhaling aerosol sprays?

Between the ages of 13–17 I inhaled a variety of aerosol sprays. Will I have sustained any long-term damage?

It’s certainly a good thing that you stopped inhaling aerosol sprays. Recreational solvent use is very dangerous and the risks and effects are often underestimated. It’s a leading cause of substance use-related fatalities.

The long-term effects of aerosol inhalation are still being researched, but it seems that most of the short-term damage from the chemicals in the solvents is reversed once the user stops. However, there’s the possibility of long-term damage, including brain damage and liver or kidney damage.

Symptoms of long-term damage include slurred speech, hearing problems, vision problems, memory loss, problems concentrating and depression. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms you should consult your local doctor (GP).

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