Share your experience of drug use

Here at The Mix, we are looking to update our drugs content so we can continue to support young people to make informed decisions about drugs.

We're looking for people with experience of drug use, good or bad, to help us with this.

We're looking to involve people who have experience of using any type of drug (recreational or prescribed) and we are especially keen to hear about recovery stories.

A young, blonde man is sitting at a desk on his laptop. He is looking up drugs and the law. He looks intrigued. This is a full-body image.

Due to the nature of recovery, in this instance we’re open to hearing from anyone who is up to 35, so long as your experience took place when you were young (under 25) so the content can be relatable to the stage of life The Mix speaks to.

We know this is a tricky topic to talk about and want to reassure anyone who is interested in being involved, The Mix will keep everything you share confidential, unless we are worried about yours or someone else’s safety, which is inline with our confidentiality policy which you can read here:

As part of the work, we’re also looking to create a video, sharing people’s experiences. We’re aware talking about drugs on camera can be difficult so we’re open to creating videos that can protect people’s identity or keep you anonymous – e.g using a voice over, hid your face, change the name used.

We’ll be offering a £20 voucher of your choice to anyone who gets involved in video creation. Please feel free to share this opportunity with any friends who may be interested.

If you’re interested, please drop us an email to [email protected]