Get to know your panic monster

Have you been attacked by The Panic Monster? Think you’re the only one? Panic attacks may feel terrifying, but many people get them. And by getting to know your own panic monster better, you can learn how to tame him.

How can I get help with panic attacks?

The Panic Monster knows that you’re scared of him, and he’s more likely to strike when you’re expecting him to turn up. The good news is, just understanding panic attacks and why you get them helps you cope with them better. Read our article about panic attacks here to learn about why you’re getting them. We also have advice on what you can do if you’re having a panic attack RIGHT NOW.

If you get loads of panic attacks, and the Panic Monster is starting to ruin your life completely, you may have panic disorder. Watch our video on panic attack treatments to learn about the help that’s out there for you.

Got a friend who’s having panic attacks? Try not to panic with them. Read our article about helping others and you can help them fight their panic monster when they next have an attack.

Share the Panic!

Getting to know the Panic Monster is the first step towards learning to tame him. Take a look at our guide to coping with panic attacks – and please share it so you can help friends get the facts and stop the stigma.

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Updated on 29-Sep-2015