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There’s nothing like a great movie to cheer you up when you’re feeling low – or to fill a lazy afternoon. We asked our young volunteers at The Mix to pick their top movies on streaming service, NOW. Read which ones made them laugh, cry, think and escape… *cues popcorn*.

My top 5 beautiful movies – By Helena

Each of these movies hold a special place in my heart; these are my go-to choices for when I want to watch something meaningful and emotive, each of these movies are a work of art!

  • The Theory of Everything – Some movies have beautiful cinematography, others have a beautiful storyline; this movie has both. This incredible film is based on the life of Stephen Hawking, and has you laughing at Hawking’s wit and humour, gasping at his incredible intelligence, and crying at Eddie Redmayne’s tear-jerking portrayal of his life with motor neurone disease.
  • Emma – This movie is beautiful in a very different way – the storyline is light-hearted and playful, and you can’t help but feel cosy and content watching it! The cinematography in Emma is equally as uplifting, with beautiful countryside scenes and amazing costumes adding to the quality of the movie.
  • To Olivia – Another biographical movie, this relatively new release focusses on the home life of Roald Dahl, living with his actress wife Patricia Neal and two young daughters. Set mostly in beautiful English countryside, the story packs so much poignance and emotion that it stays on your mind for days. Warning – tissues may be needed!
  • The Imitation Game – A third and final biographical movie from me! The story of Alan Turing cracking the Enigma code in the Second World War was always going to be gripping. The acting by Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley (among others) not only does the storyline justice, but takes the movie to a whole other level.
  • La La Land – It’s the ultimate artistic feel-good movie! It is beautiful in so many different ways – the amazing music throughout, the show-stopping song-and-dance numbers, the gorgeous costumes… The characters are so glamorous and colourful, you feel transported into another world. I would definitely recommend the experience!

Favourite family movies – By Molly

  • Jumanji (1995 original) – It’s funny, scary, sad AND never fails to make me smile, even if it is a bit outdated.
  • Paddington – The story behind it is incredibly simple, yet it’s so entertaining for the whole family to watch.
  • The Cat in the Hat – Just because it’s so crazy!
  • The Borrowers – This reminds me of my childhood; I don’t know how many times I watched this when I was young!
  • Cloudy with a chance of meatballs – A movie about food falling from the sky – what’s not to love?

Movies to disconnect – By Louise

Do you ever find yourself scrolling on your phone whilst watching a movie? We’ve all been there. Here is a list of movies available on NOW which were so gripping I didn’t once pick up my phone!

  • Knives Out – Murder mystery/ “who did it” type of movie so this one definitely makes you think and you won’t want to miss a second of it!
  • The Kid Detective – Also a murder mystery with some humour and a really crazy plot twist.
  • La La Land – With it’s stunning cinematography, cute storyline and catchy songs, this is another one that will capture your attention.
  • Birds of Prey – Margot Robbie… need I say more? Even if you aren’t a fan of superhero/villain movies, the amazing cast and jaw-dropping action will keep you entertained for sure.
  • Blithe Spirit – The scenarios in this movie were so hilarious, I couldn’t stop watching it!

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My top five feel-good movies – By Helena

When I need a pick-me-up movie to lighten my mood, or leave me smiling, I go for one of these.  

  • Paddington (Movie 1 and 2!) – This may seem an unusual choice, but anyone who has seen either of these two brilliant movie will completely understand why they feature on my list. Both the first Paddington movie and the sequel are incredibly well-made, with star-studded casts, hilarious – and very unlikely – storylines, and wonderfully heart-warming characters. These two movies will forever be favourites of mine, regardless of my age!
  • Bridget Jones’ Diary – Anyone who knows me, knows my love for Bridget Jones. It’s a brilliant sleepover movie, to be watched with lots of snacks somewhere comfortable! You can’t help but relate to Bridget in some way or another, as you follow her through the ups and downs in both her personal life and her career. It’s definitely a comfort movie.
  • The Intern – This movie starring Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro tells the hilarious story of a 70-year-old interning for a very high-maintenance, demanding fashion CEO. This movie is a fantastic balance of humorous and heart-warming, as the two develop an unlikely friendship.
  • Baby Driver – An action-based movie isn’t the first thing I think of when searching for a feel-good movie. However, Baby Driver definitely fits the bill. It’s filled with attitude and sass, as well as a lot of fun soundtracks, and cool cars!
  • The Terminal – Brilliant acting by Tom Hanks turns a strikingly sad situation into a wonderfully funny story of a man stuck indefinitely in an airport lounge. This movie had me crying with laughter multiple times, and genuinely rooting for the characters involved. When I learnt that the movie was based on a true story, I couldn’t believe it!

Movies that really make you think – By Molly

  • The Truman Show – At first glance the movie seems comedic, however there is a deeper message behind the plot – that we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.
  • Shutter Island – A movie you can watch over and over again! It shows how blind to the truth we can be. However the ending is so open, you never really know the truth. (Plus, Leonardo DiCaprio!)
  • Joker – So controversial, I still haven’t made up my mind on whether I like it or not. Either way, it really makes you think about psychological issues and what happens when cruelty is all that you’re faced with.
  • The Shawshank Redemption – Carries a powerful message about hope, and reminds us that you can fail at any point, so you may as well accept the things you cannot change and enjoy life while you can.
  • Harriet – Based on the true story of Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery. It shows how powerful and selfless one person can be, even in the face of brutality and oppression.

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